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"The Lords of Luck, Chapter Four: The Garden of Destiny": Batman has somehow been merged with Tharok by the Haruspex. Tharok wants to hurt La Dama despite Batman trying to hold him back. [[Jaime Reyes (New Earth)|B

Quote1.png Damn stupid outer space makes-no-sense MAZE! I'll get to Rann when I'm eighty and Green Lantern's going to be dead and the bad guys will win and it's all my fault for TRUSTING A DRUNK! Quote2.png

The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #4 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of August, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Lords of Luck, Chapter Four: The Garden of Destiny"

Batman has somehow been merged with Tharok by the Haruspex. Tharok wants to hurt La Dama despite Batman trying to hold him back. Blue Beetle slams Tharok into a wall and gets his armor analyze the gestalt, but the Scarab answers both beings are fully present.

The Fatal Five choose that time to attack. They want the Haruspex so their employer returns for them. Upon seeing Batman has merged with Tharok, they joke about burning him out or cutting him off. However, Batman hacks into Tharok's mind control upon Validus and makes the giant blast his own teammates down. Still, Tharok is wrestling control back from him. Before it happens, Blue Beetle takes the Haruspex from La Dama and scans it uselessly. Suddenly Batman pries the Haruspex from Jaime and shoots himself. Batman and the Fatal Five disappear in a flash of light.

Meanwhile, Supergirl is arm-wrestling Lobo in a Venturan bar. She's angry because she hired Lobo to take her to Rann, and Lobo is doing nothing but screwing around and stopping by every bar he finds. Her patience is expended when a patron hits on her. After slamming the huge alien into a wall, Supergirl tells it's time to leave.

Supergirl and Lobo walk out and suddenly find themselves trapped in a hedge maze inside which space gets distorted. Kara tries to see through the hedge in front of her and looks at the back of her own head. She flies towards the sky and bursts out of the ground. Kara gets mad and throws a fit. Lobo -who isn't happier than her due to the complete absence of booze- decides to use his universe-famous tracking power to find whoever stuck them there.

They emerge out of the hand-shaped labyrinth and happen upon Destiny of the Endless. Lobo tries to stab right away, but his attack is, of course, useless. Supergirl moves him aside to tell Destiny she's searching his Book and ask why he lost it.

Destiny explains he's been the Book of Souls' guardian since the Dawn of Time. While leafing though the pages he found four figures who shouldn't be there. Their presence was rewriting pages sporadically, warping reality and corrupting destiny. Destiny got desperate and thought the same ones who were destroying the Book could repair it, so he took steps to place the book in their possession.

He doesn't recall how they were supposed to fix it because it was a desperate gambit. Unfortunately, the Luck Lords, who have coveted the Book for millennia, have a chance to steal it now. They manipulated two Venturan gamblers into stealing the Book and enlisting a thief who betrayed them and was executed with the Haruspex, a weapon powered by the Lords' sorcery.

Supergirl tells she'll recover the book if she can make it to Rann. Destiny informs it's not sufficient. Time is splintering even now. They must deliver the Book to its intended recipients. Destiny doesn't remember who they are, but he remembers Batman and Green Lantern will know.

Satisfied, Supergirl decides it's time to go back on the road, but Lobo's nowhere to be seen. She's still wondering where he wandered to when Lobo rides through the edge, having just found his bike. Supergirl gets mad when he calls her "toots" and "blondie" for the umpteenth time, and nauseated when he hits on her. Destiny opens up a portal, but before stepping through it, Supergirl asks if anybody can open the Book up and read its contents. Destiny answers yes, if that's their desire.

On their ride to Rann, Lobo abruptly tells her she'll grow up just fine so she doesn't need to read the book because it's dangerous peeking at the future. Supergirl states it'd be nice to know if more Kryptonians survived, that's all. Lobo jokes it takes more than being a sole survivor to make someone as cool as him. Supergirl is surprised because everyone told him he was a complete "bastich". Lobo grumbles everyone was right.

Supergirl and Lobo finally make it to Rann. Kara believes Lobo'll will help out, but he announces his job is done and he wants his payment. Angrily, Supergirl tells his payment was her letting him win instead of humiliating him in a bar full of spectators.

Supergirl enters Rann's atmosphere and heads towards the nearest city, wondering how she'll locate Green Lantern, when she's attacked by Rannian solders. Wondering what she's wandered into, Kara X-rays the city and finds Hal Jordan and Adam Strange fighting Thanagarian soldiers back-to-back. Supergirl heads towards them, pondering that whole mess has happened because one guy couldn't hold onto a book, which has been his only job since the beginning of time.

Somewhere else, Batman comes around and finds he and the Fatal Five has been locked in by the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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