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"The Lords of Luck (Part V) - The Batman of Tomorrow": In the 31st century, Brainiac 5 is working to split Batman and Tharok as explaining the former they're the [[Legion of Super-Heroes (Earth-Pr

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The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #5 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of September, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Lords of Luck (Part V) - The Batman of Tomorrow"

In the 31st century, Brainiac 5 is working to split Batman and Tharok as explaining the former they're the Legion of Super-Heroes and he's in the 31st Century, but they've not developed time travel so he's unfortunately stuck there.

Several Legionnaires are thrilled to meet Batman, but he's wary. Batman reflects on the events leading to his extra-temporal banishment as the Legion examines the Haruspex and himself. Brainiac determines that the Haruspex has created chronal anomolies within Batman's cellular structure. As long as he remains where he is, temporal rifts will begin to form.

Right then two rifts open, letting a group of Intellagents and a swarm of Rimborian Rayzers pour in. The Legion, aided by Batman, destroys all of them, but the trouble persists: as long as Batman remains in the Legion era, more and more rifts will open up. Batman tells them to use the Haruspex on him, but it'll not work. Batman is worried and fed up with Brainy's condescending attitude, so he hits him, picks the Haruspex, steals Brainiac 5's flight ring and makes his escape.

Meanwhile on Rann, Supergirl rescues Green Lantern and Adam Strange from a squad of Thanagarian soldiers. Kara flies them away as asking why they're being attacked by Hawkmen. Hal asks why she's flying at Match 80 -and climbing- even though they're out of danger. As trying to brake, Supergirl slams herself and her partners into the side of a mountain. Fortunately, Hal had time enough to form a shield bubble. Supergirl wonders why her body feels strange, but in a good way, and Adam tells it's because they're in a trinary star system. Supergirl is soaking up nearly triple the amount of solar radiation she receives on Earth.

Kara inquires about the Book of Souls. The trio flies off, and Hal explains upon arriving Rann he recalled the guy who stole the Book mentioned something about a "Rannian underground", so he figured out he could check on his old friend Adam. Adam reminds him Rann is embroiled in a planetary civil war. The planet was overrun by displaced Thanagarians -"the Hawks"- and each side is fighting for global control. The Hawks were winning, but since the Rannian partisans acquired the Book the balance of power is shifting.

Strange escorts them to a group of ruins under the control of General Mondath, the guy who stole the Book back on Ventura and is now the leader of the Rannian forces. Mondath knows they've come for the Book but he doesn't want to hand it over. They're beating the Thanagarians back because he was lucky enough to find it. Supergirl protests he wasn't "lucky". He found that book thanks to the Luck Lords. They have to get it back before the Lords scoop it up because then time and space will be doomed. Mondath replies it's too late. The Luck Lords are already there.

Back in the 31st Century, the Legion mobilizes and begins tracking down Batman but he manages to stay one step ahead. Batman leads several of them into the slums where Phantom Girl finds the Haruspex lying on the ground before finding Batman. Phantom Girl is aiming at him when another rift opens up and Dream Girl steps out from a time when she was still alive. Phantom Girl is broken: if she sends Batman back the time rifts will stop popping up, but her friend will be pulled back, too.

The remainder Legionnaires are heading into the sewers but are stopped by Saturn Girl. She's just read Batman's mind and realized what he's trying to do. Brainiac also realizes: the Haruspex will only fire when its target is perceived as a threat.

Goaded by Dream Girl's words, Phantom Girl is about to fire when suddenly a gnarly limb appears behind her. There is a blinding flash of blue light and Batman and Phantom Girl disappear.

When they open their eyes, Bruce and Tinya see one of the Luck Lords standing over them holding the Book of Souls and the Haruspex. The Luck Lord states their plans, put in motion ten centuries ago, have come to fruition. They rule the cosmos now and there's nothing anyone can do to stop them.

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