"The Lords of Luck (Part VI) - The Girl Who Knew Too Much": In the 30th Century, the Luck Lords have devastated Earth, slaughtered most of members of the Legion of Super-Heroes and captured Batman and the last livin

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The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #6 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 2007.

Appearing in "The Lords of Luck (Part VI) - The Girl Who Knew Too Much"

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  • Rannian Bipods

Synopsis for "The Lords of Luck (Part VI) - The Girl Who Knew Too Much"

In the 30th Century, the Luck Lords have devastated Earth, slaughtered most of members of the Legion of Super-Heroes and captured Batman and the last living Legionnaires. One thousand years ago they engineered events so the Rannians chanced upon the Book of Souls to counteract the Thanagarian Absorbascon, so deliberately extending the Rann-Thanagar War one thousand years past its natural end. Both sides developed unimaginable weapons during that period, which the Luck Lords have now harvested. One of those weapons is a device with which the Lords look to rewrite time from the beginning.

Batman and the two surviving Legionnaires point out the Lords deliberately prevented Batman from returning to his time, meaning they're afraid Batman can still do or say something that unravels their plans. A Lord crushes Brainiac 5's head to a pulp and states there's nothing he can do. They were on Rann ten centuries ago, and remember what happened.

20th Century. On Rann, Green Lantern and Adam Strange hold back the Rannian Resistance as Supergirl chases after Mondath to retrieve the Book. Mondath uses the Book to stay ahead of her. Supergirl lunges at them but she can't handle her overloaded powers so she smashes through the bulding and crashes outside. Backed by Green Lantern, Adam Strange tries to reason with Mondath, but Mondath is too arrogant and jealous of Adam to listen to reason and orders his troops to fire. Hal and Adam vanish, and Mondath believes they're dead because he hasn't read the next page yet.

Right before the beams struck both heroes, Supergirl grabbed them and dashed out of the place, considering the situation called for a retreat in order to rethink their strategy. Kara discloses what Destiny told her about the Book of the Souls, the men who were invisible to the Book and whose identities Batman and Green Lantern would know.

Green Lantern still believes Batman is somewhere on Earth. Adam's Zeta-Beam can teleport him in but they need Supergirl to read the Book to find out Batman's exact location. Hal is worried about Kara and doesn't like the idea, but Kara asks him to not protect her. She's the only who can read the Book from far away at super-speed, and the time-space continuum depends on it.

Supergirl spots and browses the Book at super speed, looking for the present day as struggling to not get overwhelmed or go crazy. Upon discovering Batman vanished into the future, she gets forced to keep reading until she finds him in the year 3007. Now they only need a Zeta-Beam that can teleport people through the timestream.

On the 30th century, the Lords of Luck are about to execute Batman. Batman ignores his taunts and asks them spare Invisible Kid. The Lords ignore him, but before they can kill him, Batman is whisked away from the future by a green Zeta-Beam.

Batman lands on present day Rann. Hal powered Adam's Beam up with his Ring's energy and his own willpower. As Hal tells Bruce everything, Adam goes to see Supergirl. Kara is standing still on a ceiling, dazed and disturbed after seeing her death, her cousin's and his adoptive parents'.

Adam is trying to make her snap out of it when Hal shows up and rings up a hologram. Batman has deduced the identities of the men they're looking for, and Kara confirms they weren't anywhere in the book.

Batman and Adam are preparing to Zeta-Beam them when Mondath's troops barge into the tower. Green Lantern and Supergirl battle the Rannian army while their two partners finish inputting the coordinates of four men who cheated death several years ago and now live on borrowed time, unafraid of anything: the Challengers of the Unknown.

Batman promises to fill in the rest later, but now he needs them to grab the general's guidebook. The Challengers fight Mondath's troops, and Supergirl smilingly notes none of that was written on the book. They've changed destiny.

All of sudden a massive robotical fist -belonging to a robot piloted by Mondath and one soldier- surges from Earth and drives a huge Green Kryptonite talon through Kara's midsection. Green Lantern hoists Supergirl and streaks into space. Meanwhile, the Challengers successfully take Mondath's robot down.

Hal leaves Kara floating near from the three suns, hoping the extra influx of sunlight will save her life, and flies back to the battle. Green Lantern points out they haven't yet seen the Luck Lords resurface. They must be hiding and waiting for their chance to get the Book.

The Challengers are driving the Rann army back, and Mondath runs away, but he's found by the Challengers, who retrieve the Book while berating him for being unable to adapt when his strategy fails. The Lords show up to take the Book away from the Challengers, but Adam Strange Zeta-Beams Mondath and the Luck Lords to Oa where they'll remain energized in perpetual orbit until the Guardians can pull Mondath free to judge him. Batman notes they've won, and Adam checks the Book to confirm the 30th Century is also saved.

Adam Strange hands over the book to the Challengers. He knows now like the War with Thanagar will end and the Book won't help. He asks them to find out what they're supposed to do with it and be careful.

In the meantime, Batman and Green Lantern are overseeing Supergirl's healing. She's conscious and recovering but slightly dazed, and she's forgotten what she learned from the future.

The group says goodbye to Adam Strange and are teleported back home.


  • This issue is reprinted in the The Brave and the Bold: The Lords of Luck hardcover collection.
  • In the beginning of this issue, as well as previous issues, the Rannian general is called Mondath. From one point on, though, he's called "Mordath".


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