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"Scalpels and Chainsaws": Wonder Woman and Power Girl are fighting an army of armored undead on the top of a pyramid. Wonder Woman guesses the mummies draw their artificial life-force from an orb embedded in an altar, so

Quote1.png Nice backpedaling. Admit it! Your big plan was to ram a plane into Superman's house! Quote2.png
Power Girl

The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) #7 is an issue of the series The Brave and the Bold (Volume 3) with a cover date of December, 2007. It was published on October 17, 2007.

Synopsis for "Scalpels and Chainsaws"

Wonder Woman and Power Girl are fighting an army of armored undead on the top of a pyramid. Wonder Woman guesses the mummies draw their artificial life-force from an orb embedded in an altar, so she snares the orb in her Lasso of Truth and shatters it. As Kara picks her Lasso and hands it back to Diana, Wonder Woman asks casually where she's heading off to now. Power Girl replies she's going to the Fortress of Solitude to murder Superman.

Both women gape in shock. Power Girl doesn't understand why she's just said that, and Wonder Woman guesses someone has implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion in her. Diana proposes to figure out who, but Kara takes off, intending find them and beat them up. Wonder Woman flies after her, lassoes her and demands to know who programmed her. Power Girl doesn't know so Diana asks what happened to her the last days. Kara can't remember what she did on the past Monday. Coaxed by Diana, she manages to remember a fist-sized yellow stone, a hooded man saying the name "Megistus", and something about Alchemy. Wonder Woman fears they already know the culprit.

As both heroines head towards an Egyptian oasis, Wonder Woman tells the history of Megistus, a powerful but petty sorcerer who plundered the Library of Alexandria's texts on Alchemy and then burned the building to ashes. Wonder Woman lands her invisible plane and both women set an altar of sorts. Wonder Woman performs a mystical ritual as telling the history is partially wrong: Megistus didn't destroy the Library, he hid it in another dimension. And now Diana's petitioning her gods for access.

Wonder Woman's prayer is answered and a portal opens up. Wonder Woman and Power Girl punch the entry and find themselves inside the ancient Library. Power Girl scans the place, finds the hooded man and impulsively rushes towards him, ignoring Wonder Woman's pleas for restrain and self-control.

Both women come face to face with Doctor Alchemy. Doctor Alchemy turns the oxygen surrounding Wonder Woman into cyanide. Power Girl dives towards him, but Alchemy merely tosses the Stone at Kara and collapses. Kara catches the Stone, surprised, and then Alchemy moves his spirit through the Stone and possesses Power Girl.

Alchemy right away proceeds to smash the building down, gloating he's already used the Stone to absorb the entirety of the knowledge stored in the Library and now he intends to kill Superman. Alchemy punches Wonder Woman down, hoists his original body and flies away, stating Kara is jealous of "perfect" Diana.

Later, Superman is flying back to his Fortress to meet Power Girl per her message the last Monday. Alchemy -still possessing Power Girl- turns the whole Fortress into Red Kryptonite. Superman's body begins twisting and changing, a sight which makes Kara try and fail to get her body back.

Doctor Alchemy smiles satisfied, but he foresees Wonder Woman rushing towards the place to stop him. He looks around but PG's super-vision finds no sign of Diana.

Something bursts through the wall, hitting Alchemy, and then he remembers about Diana's invisible plane. Wonder Woman dives at Alchemy and starts pounding on him. Suddenly Power Girl claims she's gotten her body's control back, and touches Diana's Lasso to prove it. Wonder Woman lassoes the Stone, and being careful to not touch it, flies upwards and flings the Stone into the Sun.

Diana flies back to the Fortress, which is turning back to normal. Kara is taking care of Kal, who is recovering. Diana asks Kara where she left Alchemy's body. Kara answers she dropped it off at an ICU in London, but her telescopic vision shows it's vanished. Diana guesses it reconnected with the Stone somehow.

Almost 150 million kilometers away, Doctor Alchemy's spirits screams his master Megistus' name as the Stone where he's trapped into plunges into the Sun.

Superman doubts that they've seen the last of the Stone or Doctor Alchemy since they've destroyed the former over one dozen of times. The trio of heroes still have many questions, though: Why did a second-rate villain set his sights on Superman? Why Red-K instead of Green? What or Who is "Megistus"?

The trio jokes for a bit, and then Wonder Woman and Power Girl leave as Superman gets to repair his Fortress.

Somewhere else, the Challengers of the Unknown have just read about Wonder Woman and Power Girl run into Doctor Alchemy as perusing the Book of Souls. Prof Haley isn't sure yet of how to fix it, but he notes he's found another mention of the name "Megistus" and senses it may be the key.

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