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The Brothers Three are the first beings of the Multiverse whose purpose is to monitor all creation. They are responsible for the nurturing of the Multiverse.


Early Existence

The Brother Three were created 20 billion years ago by Perpetua in the Sixth Dimension as the first inhabitants of her newly created Multiverse. As the Multiverse comprises of three main realms made out of the three basic forms of matter- dark matter, positive matter and antimatter, Perpetua created them to monitor these realms.[1]

She assigned Alpheus to the dark matter realm beneath creation where he would build the myriad universes of creation. Mar Novu was assigned to the positive matter realm, where he would guard the many universes that rose out of the dark from cosmic crises. Mobius was assigned to the antimatter realm where he would prevent the light of creation to breach the Omniverse.[1]

For eons, the brothers took care of the development of the Multiverse until Mar Novu came to confront Perpetua who had doubt on her intentions and found that she altered the core of creation into something that shouldn't never be. Perpetua then ordered her Apex Predators to attack Mar Novu, forcing him to flee.

Later, the three brothers met up in the Promethean Galaxy, where they attempted to contact the others Hands like Perpetua in order to alert them of her crimes. Perpetua's forces attacked the brothers, but an envoy of the Hands, in the form of a Raptor, imprisoned Pepetua inside a wall made of her own legions. Due to the wall making his domain obsolete, Mobius vowed to kill his brother Mar Novu, even if it took a billion years. The three brothers then reformed on their respective dimensions.[1]


  • Monitor Physiology: Hailing from the Sixth Dimension, the Brothers three possesses powers and abilities beyond imagination, being three of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse.[2] Mister Mxyzptlk, a near-omnipotent being in his own right, has stated that sixth-dimensional beings' powers exceeds his own. However, their powers will wane on a lower plane of existence.[3]
    • Cosmic Awareness: As the three cosmic entities responsible for the nurturing of the Multiverse, the brothers possesses vast knowledge about the different realities and dimensions that make up existence.
    • Energy Projection: The brothers can create and manipulate energy whether to create or for offensive uses. One of them was able to alter Mister Mxyzptlk's portal to allow the Justice League to travel to the Multiverse in the Sixth Dimension.
    • Reality Alteration: The brothers have a degree of control over the physical reality around them though their power over reality aren't absolute and are diminished outside of the Sixth Dimension.
    • Immortality: The brothers are the first three beings in the entire Multiverse, created over twenty billion years ago. In this time they have not aged a single day physically or mentally.
    • Resurrection: Each time one of the three brothers are miraculously killed, they just re-forms in the Sixth Dimension.


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