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The CW Television Network, also called The CW, is a broadcast television network affiliated with Warner Bros, and has aired several TV dramas based on DC Comics stories over the years, the vast majority of which take place in the Arrowverse.


The CW is a broadcast television network originally co-owned by Warner Bros. and CBS Entertainment Group. In 2022, Nexstar Media Group gained 75% of the network's ownership, leaving Warner Brothers and CBS both with 12.5%.

Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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  • The network's name is derived from its two owners, CBS and Warner Media.
  • The CW was formed from a merger of the defunct television networks The WB and UPN.
    • Smallville originally aired on The WB before the merger forced it onto The CW.
  • Lucifer originally aired on The CW for its first three seasons before moving to Netflix.

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