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The Cavalry Charge was a group of criminals that rode atop horses while escaping.


The Cavalry Charge was a team of robbers in Gotham City and used horses to escape from a particular crime scene. While they were robbing the Gotham First National Bank at the bottom of the Kubert Tower, they were surrounded by the police. The robbers however had an unexpected escape plan ready and went to top of the tower to retrieve their horses, whom they wanted to use to jump across rooftops. Batman soon showed up to stop them and subdued three members.[1]

One however was able to flee by pushing his own team member off the rooftop, which forced Batman to rescue him. As he fled atop horseback, Batman chased him using one of the horses of the team. He eventually caught up to him and subdued him, before stopping the horses from falling off the roof using his Batrope.[1]



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