"All That Remains": A small town in Pennsylvania is attacked by a large, shambling monster which disintegrates human flesh.

Quote1 He comes from a place where every bad thing that could happen, did happen. Every nightmare and dark thought made manifest. Where our heroes become monsters. Quote2

The Curse of Brimstone #4 is an issue of the series The Curse of Brimstone (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2018. It was published on July 4, 2018.

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  • Salesman's Ledger


  • Salesman's Car

Synopsis for "All That Remains"

A small town in Pennsylvania is attacked by a large, shambling monster which disintegrates human flesh.

Elsewhere, Joe and his sister Annie Chamberlain continue driving in the Salesman's car to the next destination in the ledger. They arrive at their destination but there is no town around, only a desolate lake. From behind, a figure appears and points a shotgun at Joe's head, daring him to turn into Brimstone - he reveals himself as Enoch, another of the Salesman's "agents", though he broke free of his curse.

He reveals that the Salesman is from the Dark Multiverse and his corruption is his way of weakening the bonds between worlds to make it easier for other evil to move across. In particular, the Home Office (who the Salesman works for) want to move over to Earth 0 and to do what the Dark Knights failed to do. For each deal the Salesman makes, a new connection is made between the two worlds and it allows the corruption to seep into their world.

Enoch pulls out his copy of the Salesman's ledger and drips some blood onto it and it reveals a map to the newest Agent, Detritus.

The shambling monster knocks a car with a family inside off the road, as it goes to consume the family Brimstone rushes in and knocks the beast down. Annie goes to help the family while Enoch uses what's left of his power to drain Detritus, allowing Brimstone a chance to rip the human skeleton from the beast, and the monster collapses but so too does Joe who falls to the ground exhausted.

Enoch moves over to the glowing skeleton and crushes it, destroying the soul within Detritus. Then, with Brimstone's fire in his eyes, Enoch prepares his powers at Joe ready to end it here but Annie stops him using Enoch's shotgun. Enoch disappears, but the Chamberlains keep the shotgun and prepare to move to the next location in the ledger.


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