"Verse II: Devil Inside": Ishuguro arrives at the scene of the crash, his presence requested by one of his trusted men, Osamu, who shows him the bloody, abandoned laboratory. Osamu advises his oyabun not to contaminate the crime scene for the police, but Ishiguro i

Quote1.png You're possessed by a rhyming demon, his name is Etrigan. He's keeping you alive. He won't let his vessel die. It doesn't make sense, I'm sorry -- but it's the truth. Quote2.png
Jason Blood

The Demon: Driven Out #2 is an issue of the series The Demon: Driven Out (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2003. It was published on October 8, 2003.

Appearing in "Verse II: Devil Inside"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Yakuza
  • Yutaka's Girlfriend (Unnamed)
  • Jimu's Father (Unnamed)
    • Biker Gang (Unnamed)
  • Kazuo (Dies)
  • Jimu Kioke (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Seamus (Unnamed; appears only as a corpse)
  • Elphius Levi (Mentioned only)



  • Kodomo-No Uta
  • Techno-Alchemical Journal Vol.#48 Being the Occult Speculations and Scientific Experimentation of Elphius Levi.


  • Ame's Mustang (Destroyed)
  • Clan Ishiguro Limousine
  • Christ Tours Bus
  • Kosaku's Nissan Z33 (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Verse II: Devil Inside"

Ishuguro arrives at the scene of the crash, his presence requested by one of his trusted men, Osamu, who shows him the bloody, abandoned laboratory. Osamu advises his oyabun not to contaminate the crime scene for the police, but Ishiguro instead orders him to select two trustworthy men and not mention this to anyone else.

Ame sits horrified by the sight of the carnage surrounding her. Her bodyguard, Kazuo, the only other person left alive, is even more terrified having witnessed the slaughter first hand. The fear consumes him and he unloads his weapon at the oblivious Ame. She makes a break for a window but catches a bullet through her torso. Severely wounded, she crawls to the limousine where her teddy bear is buckled into the passengers seat. Kazuo follows her outside, the sight of her bleeding turns his fear induced fury into self-destructive despair. He opens his mouth to the barrel of his gun, and pulls the trigger repeatedly, the hammer replies only with empty clicks. Ame uses what strength she has left to call Ishiguro Technologies, requesting a pickup.

Osamu loads the corpse found in the laboratory into the trunk of his vehicle while inside, Ishiguro reads through the occult books left behind. His phone rings - Yutaka again - and he immediately smashes it on the ground. His men bring word that they have found the address of the man he is looking for, Elphius Levi. They enter their cars and drive off, unaware they have a tail.

Deep inside Ame's consciousness, Etrigan grows restless. Wanting to see the world through her eyes he induces a nightmare to wake her. She sits up in her own bed to find Yutaka and a doctor hovering over her. Yutaka demands answers that the confused and injured girl can't fulfil. The doctor insists she be moved to a hospital, but Yutaka angrily dismisses any outside help, urging to just let her die. Kazuo is no help, having slipped into madness.

At Kioke Entertainment, Jimu's father hears about the death of his son and blames Ishiguro and his young Saiko-komon. He instructs his associate to gather up his biker gang and kill Ame in retaliation.

A frustrated Yutaka now has to contend with his whining girlfriend. He pushes her out of the way when he sees Osamu enter the condo to collect Ame. Yutaka demands to know where Ishiguro is and pulls a gun on Osamu, who quickly draws on the waka gashira also, inciting every man in the room to train their weapon on the defiant brother. The stand off is interrupted first by the raving of Kazuo before a hail of gunfire penetrates the front door. The biker gang storm Ame's condo with automatic weapons. Osamu drops to the floor and returns fire, while Kazuo welcomes death as he runs into the chaos. Pausing only to grab Kodomo-No Uta, Ame drops herself over the balcony, unexpectedly into the arms of Jason Blood. Blood takes her to the garage and helps her into her Mustang, even in her state, she insists she drive. Crashing through the garage door - and several biker hoods - she speeds off with the mysterious stranger who explains who he is... and what's inside her. The remainder of the bikers catch up to them, firing wantonly until a bullet clips Ames neck. The car swerves out of control and she instinctively begins to recite the summoning verse, just as an oncoming bus sends them careening onto the shoreline. The bikers cautiously approach the wrecked muscle car to confirm their kill, only to face The Demon himself!


  • No special notes.


  • One of the motorcycle gang members wears a Pikachu backpack.
  • Occult books in Levi's lab include, Picatrix, Sefer Yetsirah and The Corpus Hermeticum.

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