"Verse VI: Signs of Things to Come": On the Malibu shoreline, Ame uncovers the bonnet of her Mustang. Fastening it to the bonnet of their stolen vehicle, she and Jason Blood speed off for the laboratory.

Quote1.png I'm so tired of being old child. My passion, my vision... my love... it's all leaking away. I need a new engine in my heart. I need a demon of my own. Quote2.png
Shoko Ishiguro

The Demon: Driven Out #6 is an issue of the series The Demon: Driven Out (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2004. It was published on February 11, 2004.

Synopsis for "Verse VI: Signs of Things to Come"

On the Malibu shoreline, Ame uncovers the bonnet of her Mustang. Fastening it to the bonnet of their stolen vehicle, she and Jason Blood speed off for the laboratory.

At the laboratory, Shoko Ishiguro checks on Levi's progress. Levi tries to talk Ishiguro out of his plans, but the Oyabun tells him he will not tolerate begging.

As Ame races through the riots created by Etrigan's bedlam spell, she is spotted by Spirit hovering above the chaos in the streets. She makes a screeching halt amongst her fellow racers outside the lab. Blood tries to stop Levi as soon as they enter, but Elphius is being held at gunpoint. Ame sees Ishiguro in the tank, filling with the fatty conduit. The old man, delighted to see his protégé alive, asks if it is wonderful controlling a demon. Ame pleads with him. She needs the equipment for herself. Ishiguro laments that old age has sapped him of his passion for life, he needs a demon to restore his vigour and desire. Ame warns him that he has no idea what Etrigan is capable of, but Ishiguro has need for his own demon and commands Levi to begin the summoning. Levi complies, explaining that mortal concepts of the spirit world are just culturally manifested fictions, he knows nothing of Eastern cosmology or what may cross over. The tank explodes and Ishiguro emerges in his new form, a Shinto nature goddess who speaks in haiku. Ame tries to flee but Blood grabs hold of her, imploring her to let the Demon out. Ame refuses and knees him in the groin. Doubled over in pain, Blood is skewered through the torso by the rampaging oni.

Ame escapes onto the street where all her racing friends are congregating around a man claiming to be shooting a commercial. Ame recognises him as Spirit and jumps in her car as her psychotic ex fires into the crowd indiscriminately. Spirit commandeers a car and chases after her, just as the forest goddess erupts into the open. Level with her car, Spirit fires into her vehicle. Terrified Ame resorts to freeing Etrigan. The Demon pulls Spirit through the window and the car spins out of control, smashing into the other, wedging Spirit in between. Spirit is in awe of the beast, even as Etrigan immolates him in Hellfire. Etrigan then surges towards the bigger foe who is terraforming the concrete wasteland of L.A. into a lush forest. He forces the goddess' mouth open and searches her insides until he locates the inert Ishiguro, plunging his hand through the mortal's heart, ending the nature spirit.

Returning to what's left of the overgrown lab, Etrigan sees Jason Blood clinging to life. The Demon draws close to revel in his former host's fleeting moments. At that moment Levi activates the binding circle and Etrigan is transferred to Blood while Ame is released from their union. Ame curses Etrigan for destroying her life, tossing him the two halves of her teddy, demanding he fix it. The Demon obliges and she leaves with all she has left in the world. With no other options, Etrigan sighs and relinquishes control to Blood.

Blood wakes abruptly in his hotel room. He looks in the bathroom mirror and smirks knowing Etrigan had the chance to end him, and now Jason is satisfied knowing he can make him regret it. But Jason feels different, lighter, as if he's not carrying the burden of the Demon. He recites the incantation to free Etrigan... but nothing happens. The Demon is free.

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  • According to the news report, over 750 people died in the riots caused be Etrigan with over 1,000 injured.

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