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"The Thing That Screams": The Demon casts a spell from the wings of the abandoned theatre, a spell that allows him to step into a vision of the past; to the moment Farley Fairfax became... The Phantom!

Quote1.png I - I've been one of the living dead for years! I can only lose what's left of my life! Quote2.png
The Phantom

The Demon #10 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1973.

Synopsis for "The Thing That Screams"

The Demon casts a spell from the wings of the abandoned theatre, a spell that allows him to step into a vision of the past; to the moment Farley Fairfax became... The Phantom!

Etrigan witnesses Fairfax perform to a full audience in the once-more grand theatre. However, Galatea's role as the witch is more than just acting. Believing Fairfax is involved with one of his many fans, the jealous Galatea reveals she has learned real magic and summons a dark cloud of smoke from which emerges the fearsome Soul Snatcher! The evil entity reaches out eagerly, pawing at the leading man's face. The audience watches in amazement, thinking it's part of the show, as Fairfax lets out a traumatic scream as the beast claims his soul and Fairfax is left cradling his once handsome face.

The past dissipates, and Etrigan intervenes between Fairfax and his captive, convincing the mad Phantom that Glenda is not the woman who betrayed him. The Phantom demands the creature restore his looks, so the Demon conjures the mystic sign of the kabaal to summon Asmodon, the Steward of Satan. Etrigan demands to know the whereabouts of the sorceress Galatea, but Asmodon will not volunteer information without a fight. After a fierce show of force from both combatants, Etrigan's demon-flame subdues his adversary, but Asmondon has the last laugh, revealing Galatea is long dead. In a cloud of smoke, Asmodon vanishes back to the Pit.

Fairfax begins to despair that he will never regain his magnificent face, but the Demon assures him it can be done. Etrigan sets his sights on Glenda, the splitting image of Galatea and the perfect vessel to summon her spirit. A chill fills the air and soon the body of Glenda Mark is possessed by the spirit of the spiteful witch. She pushes the two aside and runs to the ritual circle laughing. Fairfax fears she's out of control, but she claims to want to make amends and restore what she robbed him of. Once more Galatea brings forth the black vapours and ushers Fairfax into its ominous murk. Within the cloud, the tormented actor sees the likeness of his former self and ventures in further after it. As he does, two great hands emerge from the inky fumes to embrace him. Etrigan follows Fairfax's scream emanating from inside and comes face to face with the Soul Snatcher. Etrigan unleashes the full fury of his demon-flame, causing the beast to howl unnaturally before it disappears in a violent explosion.

The Demon rises from the dying smoke and attends to Glenda who no longer plays host to Galatea. He then turns Fairfax onto his back and is astounded to discover Galatea kept her word, as Fairfax is once more his handsome self. Sadly, Fairfax's joy is short-lived, as the many years catch up to him in seconds with his soul restored, and the old man dies of shock. The police burst into the theatre and mistake Etrigan for the Phantom. The Demon escapes, knowing fully well the case of the Phantom of the sewers is over.

Still traversing the sewers below, Harry suggests Randu try using his ESP. Randu concentrates and is led to the secret door to the Phantom's lair. They investigate the room furnished with all the property the Phantom stole over the years before they uncover the bizarre wax figure that looks just like Glenda. The two men are shocked when the figure starts moving all by itself. The cold laughter of Galatea crosses the room as the possessed mannequin reveals a hidden bomb in the wall. Harry and Randu sprint from the lair and down the sewers as fast as they can, managing to get enough distance from the blast. From the burning rubble, the two friends hear the grim laugh of Galatea as her wax vessel melts in the flame.

Appearing in "The Thing That Screams"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Phantom (Flashback and main story) (Final appearance; dies)
  • Galatea (Appears in flashback, in main story as a spirit and wax sculpture only)
  • Asmodon, Steward of Satan (Single appearance)
  • The Soul Snatcher (Single appearance)

Other Characters:


  • Gotham City
    • Abandoned Theatre (Unnamed)
    • Gotham Sewers
      • The Phantom's Hidden Lair (Destroyed)


  • Etrigan uses the spell, "Varniac! Morticon! Arrivus!" to summon the spirit of Galatea.

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