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"Baron von Evilstein": In a park in the the heart of Gotham City, Etrigan comes across some mortals fleeing in terror. The Demon soon finds the cause of the panic, a colossal man that should be dead but is clearly alive. The Monster demands the Demon get out of his pa

Quote1.png The Demon shall live in a body worthy of his fearsome powers! --- Powers which I shall control! Quote2.png
Baron von Rakenstein

The Demon #11 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1973.

Synopsis for "Baron von Evilstein"

In a park in the the heart of Gotham City, Etrigan comes across some mortals fleeing in terror. The Demon soon finds the cause of the panic, a colossal man that should be dead but is clearly alive. The Monster demands the Demon get out of his path and rips a statue from its very foundations. When Etrigan stands defiantly, the creature hurls the statue at him, or rather, past him. Etrigan notices the mountainous man isn't really trying to harm him, but before he can inquire who, or what, this Monster is, it doubles over in pain, covering his ears. Etrigan, too, feels an approaching high-pitched sound and turns to see and ugly little man approaching, playing a strange flute. The monster begs Igor to stop and surrenders himself, but Etrigan confronts the hunched musician. Shocked at the sight of a real demon, Igor turns the unique instrument on Etrigan and the Demon's head throbs with crippling pain. Etrigan passes out from the torment and Igor discovers Jason Blood lying unconscious in the grass.

Jason recovers in a bleak home strapped to a gurney. A stern monocled gentleman standing over him introduces himself as Baron von Rakenstein, dubbed "Evilstein" by his fellow scientists for his twisted experimentations. He opens a secret door in the wall and Igor wheels Jason into a macabre medieval laboratory. Left alone in the Gothic chamber, Jason concentrates, trying to reach out psychically to his friend, Randu.

Across town, in the waiting room of Gotham City Hospital, Randu gets a sudden mind-flash, but it fades before he can make sense of it. He and Harry are finally allowed in to see Glenda, still recovering from her traumatic ordeal. When she asks about Jason, the two friends make excuses for him so she does not share their concern.

An imposing figure shadows the sleeping Jason, but the gentle giant recognises the innocent man as another helpless test subject like himself, and tears the bonds that hold him away. Unfortunately, the Monster's cruel creator blocks the doorway, and the Baron punishes his Monster with his electric lash. The Monster screams in pain as his many protruding electrodes ignite in agony and he crumples to the floor. The Baron fears his creation's brain is deteriorating and hastens his experimentation on his newest subject.

Jason sits incapacitated, paralysed by the Baron's serum that also inhibits psychic activity. The mad scientist sends enough energy through his subject's body to kill a dozen men, to his delight. The ancient writings of his forbears have been vindicated by this demon-man who survives even immolation, protected by the entity inside. Satisfied with the results, the Baron plans his next move.

With Randu unable to make contact with Jason, he and Harry drive to the Institute of Parapsychology to meet with Professor Alan Hunter. Hoping more minds will be better than one, Randu asks the Professor if he can aid them. They interrupt a session with a promising young woman who has been making contact with the same mysterious stranger calling out in pain for help. Left alone, the woman makes contact again, unaware the pitiable soul is the Baron's Monster.

As the Monster vows to make his tormentors pay, the captive Jason realises he has a powerful ally and asks the Monster to free him. Once more, the Baron shows up to halt the rebellion and prepare for his next procedure; transplanting the head of Jason Blood to the reanimated Monster. A body worthy of the Demon's might which can be controlled by the Baron alone! He draws a line across Jason's neck and removes the insidious surgical instrument devised by his ancestors, used to create the chimerical creatures of legend and myth.

Appearing in "Baron von Evilstein"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Professor Alan Hunter (First appearance)
  • Janie Welles (First appearance; as "Miss Carver")


  • Gotham City
    • Gotham Central Park
    • Rakenstein's Home
      • Laboratory
    • Gotham City Hospital
    • The Institute of Parapsychology


  • Sonic Flute
  • Electric Lash
  • Chimerical Surgical Instrument


  • Harry's Car


  • The psychic prodigy is introduced in this issue by Professor Hunter as, "Miss Carver", yet in the following issue the same woman is renamed, "Janie Welles".

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