"Rebirth of Evil!":

Quote1.png Hahahahah-! You shall be my triumph, Jason Blood! Since you possess occult life, I shall make you my masterpiece! Quote2.png
Baron von Rakenstein

The Demon #12 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1973.

Synopsis for "Rebirth of Evil!"

Long ago in the Dark Ages, the Demon investigated the strange rumours of Castle Rakenstein and uncovered a sinister laboratory filled with monstrous creations. Without hesitation, Etrigan put an end to the horrific experiments of the castle's master. Baron von Rakenstein tried to flee, but Etrigan cast a growing fire-sphere that razed the ghastly site to the ground. Many of his chimerical beasts escaped into the world, but Etrigan believed the nightmare ended there.

In the 20th Century, the descendant Baron von Rakenstein holds his forbears' inhuman instrument of twisted science to Jason Blood's neck, ready to surgically decapitate him to transplant the demon-man onto his hulking Monster. The Baron's Monster enters the room and von Evilstein orders Igor to subdue it. The cruel assistant mercilessly tames the Monster with the electric lash until it collapses. The Baron opens up another secret laboratory and instructs Igor to prep the subjects for surgery.

At the Institute of Parapsychology, Randu and Harry convince Professor Hunter to help them locate their friend with the help of his students. Wanting to help his graduate, Hunter offers to introduce Randu to his most phenomenal student, Janie Welles. They walk in on the young woman already communicating with an external mind, a miserable soul in pain about to be destroyed by his master.

With the subjects anaesthetised and his implements sterilised in his ancient chemical formula, the Baron prepares to begin the operation, but fails to notice a change taking place with Jason Blood. Secreted in Jason's palm, the Philosopher's Stone initiates the mystic transformation to awaken Etrigan. The Demon breaks loose and throws Igor aside before lunging for his master, but the Baron slashes back wildly with his unnaturally sharp surgical blade. A burst of demon-flame melts the weapon in the mad scientist's hand, scalding him. Etrigan quickly uses the stone to revive the Monster also, and the lumbering giant's anger begins to tear the laboratory apart. Igor quickly fetches the electric lash and adjusts it to its maximum setting. Terrified of the suffering, the Monster crashes through the wall to escape the immanent pain. With the creation gone, Igor turns the high voltage on the Demon.

Outside, the busy streets of Gotham City become a frenzied panic as the rampaging Monster crashes through Rankenstein's front door and into oncoming traffic. Just as confused and frightened as the citizens trying to avoid him, the Monster calls out desperately to his only friend. At the Institute of Parapsychology, Janie Welles hears his cry and focuses on the source, shocking her company by describing him as a monster!

Appearing in "Rebirth of Evil!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Professor Alan Hunter
  • Janie Welles


  • Gotham City
    • Rakenstein's Home
      • Laboratory
    • The Institute of Parapsychology
  • Dark Ages (Flashback only)
    • Castle Rakenstein (Flashback only)


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