"The Creature from Beyond": The spirit of Merlin summons his servant Etrigan to an abandoned house in Raven County to battle an old evil. Inside, the Demon finds a man who has hanged himself from the ceiling, and is soon ambushed from behind by a mo

Quote1.png Well, it's supposed to be a rather meek-looking creature called the "Kamara!" --- And woe to those who decide to keep it as a pet! Quote2.png
Randu Singh

The Demon #4 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1972.

Synopsis for "The Creature from Beyond"

The spirit of Merlin summons his servant Etrigan to an abandoned house in Raven County to battle an old evil. Inside, the Demon finds a man who has hanged himself from the ceiling, and is soon ambushed from behind by a monstrous creature. When brute force is not enough, Etrigan uses magic to banish the entity. The spell seems to work, and the beast disappears, yet he can still sense an evil link lingering. Before Etrigan can investigate further, the sheriff's department arrives on the scene, so the Demon barges through the officers, leaving them rattled. When the police enter the home, they find a small, white, furry, ape-like creature.

Etrigan returns to the apartment of his mortal counterpart, to find Harry and Randu there, as usual. The Demon's arrival scares Harry, but Randu nervously tries to explain he need not be afraid, as he guided Etrigan with his ESP to retore him once more to Jason Blood. While Harry recovers from a fainting spell after witnessing the transformation, Jason suspects Merlin is able to summon Etrigan at will, and sent him on a mission relating to the suicide headlines in the paper.

Rain falls on the Raven County sheriff's office where the Sheriff keeps and eye on the odd, but cute, "monkey" found at the scene of the last suicide. Once he's alone, the Sheriff dims the lights and starts to nap while the strange animal climbs down from his desk. What emerges back up is no adorable critter, but a ghoulish fiend, radiating fear. The fear creeps into the Sheriff, waking him in panic, only to then witness the most terrifying thing he can imagine. The horror is unbearable, and the Sheriff literally dies of fright as his heart gives out. His body is discovered, but the mysterious creature has since moved on, and those who encounter it all meet a similar fate.

Far away in Transylvania, the Iron Duke grows impatient with the progress of his servant, the dark witch known as Ugly Meg. The sorceress responsible for summoning the fear-monster to draw out Merlin's Demon now struggles to affect it with her poppet, soon realising the magic can't reach Etrigan for some reason. Meg consults the fossil-mirror which reveals all truths, discovering the Demon is hidden within the form of a mortal man. The Iron Duke tasks her with destroying the Demon, leaving Merlin to him.

Meanwhile, the fear-monster has reached Gotham City and already caused a man to inadvertently set fire to his apartment in consternation. It flees the blaze unnoticed and reaches its true destination, leaping onto the balcony of Blood's home where Randu's research has uncovered information on the evil creature know as the Kamara; an entity that becomes whatever the beholder fears most. Harry reveals his greatest fear is dragons, and on cue, the Karama crashes into the room in a monstrous new form. Jason runs from the next room wielding a sword and shield, yet the weapons are melted by the dragon's fire breath. Harry and Randu come to their friend's aid, but not even bullets can stop the monster. The dragon grabs hold of its target and whisks Jason across the globe to its mistress.

In the duchy of Trollsac, the Iron Duke and Ugly Meg await the arrival of the Kamara beneath the giant Witch's Oak. The dragon brings the sorceress her prize and she reverts the monster back to its innocent mien. The Iron Duke orders Meg to kill the human once she has banished the creepy Kamara back where it came from. The Kamara itself knows fear right before Meg makes it disappear with a wave of her staff, the same staff she transforms into a boa constrictor to kill Jason Blood. But before the serpent can perform its duty, a voice bellows in the distance, reciting the spell to return Etrigan to the world on man. The Demon stands boldly before the evil duo, backed by the one who summoned him, Merlin!

Appearing in "The Creature from Beyond"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Iron Duke (First appearance)
  • Ugly Meg (First appearance)
  • The Kamara (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Raven County Sheriff (Unnamed; dies)
  • Mister Carter (Editor)
  • Eccentric Millionaire (Appears only as a corpse)



  • Fossil-Mirror
  • Etrigan Poppet
  • Witch's Staff


  • The newspaper Harry reads is called the, Herald Ledger.

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