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"Witchboy!!": The Demon steps into the night air to discover stranger dressed as a pilgrim on the terrace of Jason Blood's apartment. The man, referring to himself as the "Judge", is looking for a fugitive and allows

Quote1.png Why, I'm Klarion, of course-! --- And this is Teekl, my good companion! We know all about you, Etrigan! That's why we're here! --- To take care of you --- If you take care of --- Us! Quote2.png
Klarion the witchboy

The Demon #7 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1973.

Synopsis for "Witchboy!!"

The Demon steps into the night air to discover stranger dressed as a pilgrim on the terrace of Jason Blood's apartment. The man, referring to himself as the "Judge", is looking for a fugitive and allows his deadly familiar, a Draaga, to attack Etrigan. The savage creature claws the Demon's throat with its poisonous claws before Etrigan hurls it back at its master. On contact, the two disappear in a cloud of smoke, and the weakened Demon hears a voice that claims to be an ally. A young boy introduces himself as, Klarion, and his orange cat as, teekl. The odd child knows all about Etrigan, and recites the spell to restore him to mortal form.

Harry calls in to meet his best friend only to find a creepy kid watching over his 'uncle' Jason in bed. Klarion tells 'cousin' Harry that Jason needs their help. Harry sees the scratches on Jason's neck and demands answers. Klarion confides that Jason is dying, but explains that Teekl is able to see death and can prevent it. When the cat places its paw on Jason's neck, Harry gets angry and pulls Teekl away. He tussles with the ferocious feline until Klarion calls it back to him, and Jason wakes up as if he were never ill at all. Jason, who has no living relatives, is just as confused as Harry regarding the intrusive pair. Their confusion grows when Klarion opens a fully stocked fridge that was previously empty. The two barely sit down when Teekl seethes, warning Klarion about the approaching Horigal. Klarion creates a mystic sign with his cutlery to stop the creature from completely materializing, but the Horigal still manages to unleash a burst of flame that burns the kitchen. Harry is decidedly shaken, but Jason wisely stays on the witchboy's good side, offering him refuge. Klarion promises to be good while his 'relatives' go out to a party.

Harry entertains the room by regaling his latest encounter with the supernatural. Despite the insistence of Randu, Glenda, and Jason himself, Sid Courtney laughs at the absurdity. His mirth is cut short when Sidney falls into a trance and lumbers over to the punchbowl to pour its contents over his head. Sid snaps out of his haze and accuses Jason of hypnotising him. Furious, Sid demands to see some real magic, challenging the great demonologist to produce a real demon. The influence that took hold of Sid now manipulates Jason, and he doubles over as his transformation starts taking place. Harry and Randu whisk him away just in time before anyone could witness Etrigan appear. The Demon is summoned by a desperate plea and he leaps onto a taxi, but he is quickly swept up by a fearsome harpy. He fights back with demon-flame and the harpy drags him against a wall before flying into electrical wires. The Demon is not fazed by the high voltage, unlike his foe. Etrigan leaps onward, encountering a witch bearing a hex-sign on a rooftop, but the weak magic cannot stop him.

Harry and Randu actually beat Etrigan back to Jason's home, only to find a coven of witch-folk encircling the bound Klarion. Fortunately the Demon is not far behind, and he puts and end to Klarion's trial by turning their own hex-sign against them. The witch-folk sink into through the material world back to the "Beyond Country". Harry unties the witchboy, and Etrigan commends Klarion for having such a high command of magic to summon Merlin's demon. The child, in his arrogance, implies that Etrigan will be his to control from now on. The Demon plays along, putting his arm around his new 'master', but as soon as Etrigan's cloak envelopes the boy, he and Teekl disappear in a puff of smoke, banished to another dimension.

Appearing in "Witchboy!!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Klarion the Witchboy (First appearance)
  • Teekl (First appearance)
  • Witch-folk (First appearance)
    • The Judge (First appearance)
  • Draaga (First appearance)
  • Horigal (First appearance)
  • Harpy (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Merlin (Narrator)
  • Sidney Courtney (Single appearance)



  • Hex-Sign


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