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"Descension from Below": Asteroth continues his malevolent nostalgia to mock Merlin.

Quote1.png I'm really surprised they never figured out Belial would almost certainly detect that the book had been moved. And, sooner or later, send someone to get it. Quote2.png

The Demon (Volume 2) #2 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 1987.

Synopsis for "Descension from Below"

Asteroth continues his malevolent nostalgia to mock Merlin.

Etrigan tackles Clutcher off of Glenda before defeating the strangler demon in a burst of Hellfire. To Glenda's dismay, the Book of Belial they came seeking is also immolated in the fire. Etrigan tells Glenda the last remaining copy lies magically hidden in the British Museum before restoring Jason.

In London, the pair meet with the curator who is adamant the book is no longer in their stacks, presumably destroyed in small electrical fire years ago. Without the required permits, Jason is denied access to search for it himself, and so, breaks in during the night. Unconsciously guided by the Demon within, Jason finds the location of the book hidden by the blanket spell. Drawing a small amount of blood from his arm, Jason spits the required sacrifice onto the wall, briefly revealing the bookcase it hides. He takes the last copy of the book and returns to his hotel.

Jason translates the entire Germanic text aloud to Glenda, but on completion, after hours of study, the two are none the wiser from the ambiguous prose. Determined, Glenda convinces Jason to once more summon Etrigan, but this time attempt to halt the transformation before completion with the Philosopher's Stone. Her idea almost succeeds, but Jason's body gives out and slumps back in his chair. Disheartened, with her back turned, Glenda fails to notice a bile demon enter the room through the mirror on the wall. The demon sneaks up behind her and slams her head into the window before reaching for the stone on the table. Glenda continues to fight back until a swift slap across the face causes her to go limp. As the bile demon throws her over his shoulder, an exhausted Jason manages to summon Etrigan in his entirety. His adversary drops Glenda and projects a strong caustic acid from its mouth, which Etrigan deflects with ease. They battle furiously as Glenda backs away cautiously, only to be pulled through the mirror by more demonic minions. Etrigan only notices her disappearance once he's dispatched his opponent and leaves a message on the looking glass for his mortal counterpart.

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  • The cover is misprinted as, "Book 4 of 4".
  • Randu is mistakenly spelled as "Radu" in this issue.
  • The curator of the British Museum explains the Book of Belial was lost approximately 120 years ago, presumably in an electrical fire. Historically, the museum installed it's first electrical lighting in 1879.


  • Jason Blood mentions he returned to Britain about 120 years ago, approximately 1867. There are no other references to Blood's history around this time.

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