"So Made He in His Likeness": Merlin, bound by hawthorn in Hell, is still forced by Asteroth to watch the events leading up to his capture.

Quote1 You hold me -- Just. You cannot command, Blood. Blood is what it takes. And you haven't enough pigeons. You can feel how loose your grip. I can see holes in your net. Because there's not enough blood! Quote2

The Demon (Volume 2) #3 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 2) with a cover date of March, 1987.

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Synopsis for "So Made He in His Likeness"

Merlin, bound by hawthorn in Hell, is still forced by Asteroth to watch the events leading up to his capture.

Jason leaves London, returning once more to Gotham City and immediately heads to the apartment of Harry Matthews. The irritation of being woken in the middle of the night soon dissipates when Harry sees Jason standing in his doorway. He listens to Jason explain how Glenda was dragged to Hell, and doesn't hesitate when Jason asks Harry to assist him in attempting to get her back.

Harry follows his friend's instructions and hires an empty warehouse on the waterfront. He sits patiently watching as Jason takes days to complete the complex and precise binding circle, with little for Harry to do but accept a large delivery of live pigeons. When the circle is finished, Jason insists Harry leave, but Matthews stubbornly refuses to abandon his fatigued buddy. Reluctantly, Jason allows him to stay, warning him to keep his distance an keep silent. Jason produces the Philosopher's Stone and explains it will take everything he has to contain Belial, the slightest distraction could set him free.

The boundary candles flair and the stone glows bright as the Archduke Belial appears before them. Jason wastes no time asking why Belial looks like Etrigan, which the fiend denies, implying a fee. Jason tosses a live pigeon into the circle, which is quickly snatched by Belial who devours it greedily before telling Blood that Etrigan is his son. And so, Jason continues to sacrifice birds for answers, many wasted on vague responses, until Jason learns that Merlin his also a child of Belial, sired to keep his malevolent first-born in check, and inadvertently creating the stone during his conception. Realising the stone was born of sympathetic magic, Jason demands that Belial return Glenda, only to be met with derisive laugher. The stone only barely keeps Belial at bay. Only blood sacrifice can be bartered and there are not enough pigeons left. Harry tells Jason to remain strong, but the reminder of his friend's presence causes him a moment of distraction, and Belial pulls Harry through a breach in the circle. Jason watches in horror as Harry is consumed by Belial's gaping maw as the Lord of Lies returns to the Inferno.

The burst of flame dies down, and where Belial sat, Glenda now lies. Fighting through the guilt, Jason stands up and carries Glenda out of the circle to revive her, before entering the circle himself. He summons Etrigan who suffers in the confines a binding spell designed for a much greater power. In agony from the circle, Etrigan manages to instruct Glenda on how to break Merlin's hold over him through playing precise music. The Demon does not linger, and with his message passed on he restores Jason.

Glenda aids Jason and relays Etrigan's message to him. She asks why he summoned Etrigan in the first place and Jason reveals that he didn't. If the Demon is coming forth by his own volition, it must mean he is even more desperate to be free than Jason.


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  • It took Jason 87 hours to complete the circle to contain Belial.

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