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"Apocolypse Now! 4 - Behold a Pale Rider": Lobo flies through the skies on his spacehog, very peeved that he was transported to earth against his will. Unfortunately, two fighter jets come across Lobo in military airspace, and they don't make thing any ea

Quote1.png Superior strength -- Unequaled will! A man that won't stay down! Impressive superficially. Still -- At heart you're just a clown! Quote2.png

The Demon (Volume 3) #12 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 1991.

Synopsis for "Apocolypse Now! 4 - Behold a Pale Rider"

Lobo flies through the skies on his spacehog, very peeved that he was transported to earth against his will. Unfortunately, two fighter jets come across Lobo in military airspace, and they don't make thing any easier for the Czarnian. They fire on him, blowing him out of the sky. He's thrown from his hog by the explosion from the missiles, but isn unharmed. Lobo calls his hog and it catches him, and he turns around and faces the jets. They try to attack again, but he shoots them both out of the air. He leaves the scene, and comes the Temple of the Green Dragon Society. The Green Dragon Society welcomes him, calling him the 'destroyer'.

Meanwhile, Klarion, Harry Matthews, Tenzin Wyatt, and C'th enter a local bar in Gotham City, scaring everyone away. Klarion forges a new Rod of Power for C'th, who accepts it. The villain explains his origins, where he came from, how he was a king, and how he lost everything.

Meanwhile, the Green Dragon Society explains why they summoned Lobo, and how they did it. He asks to see the leader, Guru Chud, but one of the members says that it will be useless. Lobo, annoyed, belts the man, and the others take him to their leader. They find their leader, who is quite dead. Lobo picks him up, and recognizes him. They ask how he could know Chud, since he isn't from earth, and Lobo reveals the sad truth to them. That Guru Chud was an Antarean, not human, and that he was one of the best religious conmen ever. They tell Lobo how Chud told them that Lobo would come and 'purify' the earth, destroying it. Deciding that he already doesn't like earth anyway, and that it would be a fitting memorial to Chud, he decides to do it. They tell him that the best way would be to drop an atom bomb on a major fault line, and Lobo agrees. Jason Blood eavesdrops from around the corner, and realizes that they're talking about destroying the world. He confronts Lobo, and tells the bounty hunter that he can't let him do it. Jason calls them all insane, and Lobo gets annoyed, and punches Jason once, knocking him out.

Jason gets up, and remembering that there is piezo-electricity everywhere, he taps into it, and blasts Lobo in the back. Lobo turns on him, and grips Jason's face in his hand, until Jason falls unconscious. Before he goes under, he recites the poem, and disappears, standing in his place is the demon Etrigan. Etrigan blasts hellfire into Lobo's face, and begins rejoicing over his freedom. Lobo, angry and confused, gets up, but Etrigan belts him in the face. Lobo takes out his hook and chain, and smacks Etrigan with it. Lobo swings it again, this time at Etrigan's feet, but the demon leaps into the air, and avoids the blow. He blasts Lobo into the wall, and pours it on, not letting up for a moment. Etrigan stops, and Lobo falls to the floor. He hits Lobo in the back of head, letting him fall to the floor again. He then liquifies the floor under Lobo, and solidifies it again, trapping Lobo in the floor, so that only his head is visible. Meanwhile, Mark Phillips climbs to the top of one of the mountains near the temple , and he firmly plants an American flag there.

Etrigan laughs at Lobo, and pinches the Czarnian's nose. Lobo's space hog flies in, and blows open the floor, freeing Lobo. Etrigan jumps onto the vehicle and flies off, where he careens through the mountaintop, annihilating Mark, the flag, and the top of the mountain. Lobo recalls his bike, and it turns, throwing Etrigan off. Etrigan grabs the end and hangs on, but slams into an oncoming rock.

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  • Whether or not Blood really was a priest of the Cult of Gaia, he still has the ability to tap into the piezoeletic force.
  • C'th first appeared in Detective Comics #616.


  • Lobo reveals that Guru Chud is not human but an Antarean religious conman.

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