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"Apocolypse Now! 5 - Brothers in Arms": Lobo stands triumphantly over the limp, unconscious form of Etrigan declaring that he's the unbeaten champion of the known universe. He turns to leave and starts mounting his spacehog mutteri

Quote1.png Hey, I like yer attitude m'man! An' yer pomes ain't bad, either. Quote2.png

The Demon (Volume 3) #13 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 1991.

Synopsis for "Apocolypse Now! 5 - Brothers in Arms"

Lobo stands triumphantly over the limp, unconscious form of Etrigan declaring that he's the unbeaten champion of the known universe. He turns to leave and starts mounting his spacehog muttering about his plans to blow up earth. Etrigan gets up, and furiously slams into Lobo's back. The two fly off of the temple, and plummet towards the snow covered ground below. Lobo starts insulting Etrigan, and receives a fist to his face. They finally hit the side of mountain, and continue rolling and bouncing before finally coming to a halt at the bottom. As the Green Dragon Society watches from the balcony of heir temple, Lobo's head pops out of the snow, but is quickly pulled back under by Etrigan.

In Gotham City, Glenda Mark and Randu Singh sit inside Glenda's apartment trying to figure out where Jason Blood is, and what his motives are for shunning his friends. They are both surprised by a visit from Klarion, Harry Matthews, C'th, and Tenzin Wyatt. Klarion threatens that unless Randu tells them where Etrigan is, Teekl will hurt Glenda. Randu senses Etrigan's presence, but swears that he doesn't know where the demon is. Accepting this, the witch-boy and the others leave Teekl with Glenda and Randu, letting them know that they'll try again later.

Meanwhile, the Green Dragon Society enjoy the show, watching Etrigan and Lobo brutalize each other. Etrigan punches Lobo into the air, where he flies up to eye-level with the men on the balcony. He falls back down, and does the same to Etrigan. The demon knocks Lobo back across the snowy plain, but the bounty hunter refuses to submit. He kicks Etrigan in the face, drawing blood. Etrigan angrily punches Lobo back down into the snow, and the annoyed Czarnian wonders where the demon's weak spot is. The two continue beating on each other, each punching the other in the face repeatedly. Both finally knock each other down, and they lie in the snow, exhausted. Lobo asks if Etrigan wants to take five, and Etrigan asks if he's yielding. Lobo rebuffs this, but says that he has a job to do, and once he finishes it, then they can fight more later. Lobo tells the demon of his plan to drop the atom bomb on the fault line in Meggido, and Etrigan agrees to help.

Randu contacts Etrigan again, and recalls him to Gotham. Lobo takes this to mean that Etrigan knows where they can find an atom bomb in the city, so he happily follows the demon's lead. Back in Gotham, Klarion steals a vehicle form the Spott Family, and he, his gang, Glenda and Randu all pile in. Etrigan and Lobo ride Lobo's space hog back to Gotham, and Lobo asks if destroying the earth will inconvenience Etrigan, since he lives there. Etrigan replies that his home is Hell, and he says that he doesn't know what'll happen to it if earth dies, but he does know that they all deserve it, and that if they're going to die, it might as we'll be by his hand. Lobo says that he likes Etrigan, and the demon's rhymes. He tries rhyming, but Etrigan tells him to keep practicing.

Meanwhile, Klarion drives the Spott bus to a nearby military base, and inside the bus, C'th tells Harry and Glenda that they will belong to him once they defeat Etrigan. The bus crashes through the gates of the base, and soldiers begin firing on it. Etrigan and Lobo arrive in Gotham and head to the military base as well, both planning on double-crossing each other when the time comes. Klarion stops the bus, and gets out. He hypnotizes the leading general, and makes him believe that Klarion is his nephew. The general has his men lay down their arms, and they get everyone else out of the bus. Etrigan and Lobo attack the base, and Etrigan leaps off of the bike, and lands on an incoming missile, using a spell on it and changing its direction. He directs it at the base, and jumps off, back onto Lobo's bike, and the missile hits the tanks and guns firing at them, exploding all of it.

The two find the nuclear hangar, and Etrigan allows Lobo to go in first. Lobo goes in, and Etrigan kicks Lobo in the butt, sending him flying into the hangar. He closet door and locks Lobo inside, and leaves. No sooner has Lobo gotten off of the floor, then Klarion's rage tulpa leaps out of the shadows and attacks him. He kicks it off of him, and Klarion and C'th realize that he isn't Etrigan. Realizing that his rod needs to be fed, C'th decides to kill Lobo anyway, blasting him in the chest with it.

Appearing in "Apocolypse Now! 5 - Brothers in Arms"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Tenzin Wyatt
  • Rage Tulpa
  • Green Dragon Society
    • Brother Wu
    • Brother Dawkins
    • Brother Ngaio
    • Brother Nixon
  • Spott Family
    • Marlon Spott
    • Mrs. Spott (Unnamed)
    • Son (Unnamed)
  • Major General Whitehead




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