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"Apocolypse Now! 6 - The End is Nigh(ish)": Lobo belts C'th for blasting him with his Rod of Power, declaring that "No one puts the frazzle on the Main Man". He jumps at C'th again, but is stopped by a blast in the back from [[Klarion Bleak (New Eart

Quote1.png Exquisite, isn't it, Uncle? I bet you're regretting all the bad things you did to me and poor Teekl! Quote2.png
Klarion the witch-boy

The Demon (Volume 3) #14 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 3) with a cover date of August, 1991.

Synopsis for "Apocolypse Now! 6 - The End is Nigh(ish)"

Lobo belts C'th for blasting him with his Rod of Power, declaring that "No one puts the frazzle on the Main Man". He jumps at C'th again, but is stopped by a blast in the back from Klarion. Klarion tries to hypnotize Lobo, who acts like it worked. They leave, and he ducks around another corner, easily losing them. Meanwhile, Etrigan finds the h-bomb room, and is delighted by the thought that he'll steal the bomb while Lobo deals with Klarion and the others. However, he is abruptly pulled from his thoughts by Klarion's Rage Tupla, which brutally attacks Etrigan from behind. One of General Whitehead's troops reports unauthorized entry in the missile silo, but Whitehead, still under Klarion's spell, doesn't do anything. In the Spott bus, Randu senses that Etrigan is near, and he also senses the Rage Tupla, and he realizes that the two are fighting. Glenda asks if there's any way to snap Tenzin Waytt, who is also in the bus with them out of his catatonic state, and Harry replies that he goes crazy when you mention Etrigan, but that's it. Tension suddenly grows angry, and another Rage Tupla forms from his anger and it bursts out of the bus and heads into the base.

Etrigan continues his battle with the rage Tulpa in the missile silo, and Etrigan pushes the tulpa backwards where he is impaled on several missiles. Etrigan burns the tulpa's corpse, killing it, and the tulpa's body turns to dust. C'th and Klarion find Etrigan, and the demon proves to be no match for their combined might. Etrigan tears a control panel out of the floor and throws it at C'th, and it hits the lizard man squarely in the stomach. Etrigan picks Klarion up by the hair, but the boy blasts him in the eyes, temporarily blinding him. The second Rage Tupla barges through the doorway, and it too attacks Etrigan. Meanwhile, Lobo finds an unconscious guard, and he picks up the man's walkman. I Am the Law by Anthrax is playing, and Lobo decides that he likes it. He continues listening as he walks down the hall, and he sees the shadow of Teekl's human female form. Lobo finds her dancing, and he dances with her. suddenly, she cuts him in the back with her claws, and he beats her down.

In the silo, the tulpa continues pounding on Etrigan, who finally musters the strength to punch it off of him. C'th and Klarion both begin blasting Etrigan again, and they finally succeed in knocking the demon out cold. He comes to, but the tulpa holds him firmly while Klarion recites the poem to imprison Etrigan again. It works, and Jason Blood appears in the demon's place. Elsewhere, Teekl reverts back to her cat form, and Lobo hurls her against the wall, sending her unconscious. Lobo finds the doors to another missile silo, and he blows them open. He finds the Phantom Stranger inside, and the Stranger pleads with Lobo to reconsider his decision to blow up the earth. Lobo grabs a bomb and loads it on one of the carrier jeeps, and leaves. Meanwhile, Klarion has Jason tied to the pipes on the wall, where he's been torturing Blood. C'th notes that he's kept his part of the bargain, and now Klarion will keep his. C'th leaves, and Klarion sends the Rage Tulpa away.

C'th goes outside, and takes Glenda from the bus, throwing her over his shoulder and walking off to a more secluded part of the base. Lobo sees this, butt thinks that if he rescues her, she'll probably turn into another vampire or something. However, he notices that C'th is capturing her, and he attacked Lobo earlier, and the Czarnian also notes Glenda's butt. Taking both things into consideration, he decides to help her. C'th starts coming on to Glenda, but Lobo slams C'th into one of the tanks, and then he drags him over to one of the other tanks, where he jams the villain's head into the barrel of next tank's gun. Lobo fires the tank's gun, successfully blowing C'th's head off, killing him. He returns to look for Glenda, but finds that she's gone. Randu and Harry leave the bus, and Glenda races through the halls of the base, searching for Jason.

She finds Klarion torturing him with his spells, and she beats Klarion over the head with a piece of metal debris. She hugs Jason's limp form, and begs Jason not to die.

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  • Lobo takes a soldier's walkman which is playing the band Anthrax. "A little light, but not bad at all!"

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