"Political Asylum Part 3 of 4 Spin Control": Etrigan now faces Superman, who is the only person standing between him, and the man who tried to ruin his presidency. Superman tells Etrigan to back off, and to leave his punishment to the authorities. E

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The Demon (Volume 3) #28 is an issue of the series The Demon (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 1992.

Synopsis for "Political Asylum Part 3 of 4 Spin Control"

Etrigan now faces Superman, who is the only person standing between him, and the man who tried to ruin his presidency. Superman tells Etrigan to back off, and to leave his punishment to the authorities. Etrigan has other plans however, and jumps towards the Man of Steel and his would-be assassin. Superman puts his hand out and stops him in mid-air, grabbing him by his shirt. As Superman hoists Etrigan off of the ground, Etrigan warns Superman not to anger him, but he blows this off. Etrigan breathes fire in Superman's face, and he drops Etrigan. When he recovers, he finds Etrigan and the man gone. Superman leaves the rooftop in search of the pair.

Elsewhere, Etrigan settles down inside the top of a bell tower, and hides out inside, interrogating the man about his motives to kill Etrigan. The man calls Etrigan Lucifer, and throws a nearby brick at him. Etrigan tells the man that he isn't Lucifer, and catches the brick and easily crushes it in is hand. As Etrigan prepares to kill the man, the man tells him that the American people will eventually put a stop to his evil. Superman finally catches up to them, and flies into the bell tower, colliding with Etrigan and knocking him across the room. He prepares to leave with the man, but Etrigan rips the bell off of the ceiling and tries to attack him with it. Superman uses his heat vision on he bell, and it slips out of Etrigan's hands and falls on him. He tosses the bell off of him, and faces Superman. The man takes out a gun an fires at Etrigan, but the bullets are harmless against the demon, and Superman tells the man to put the gun away. Etrigan tells Superman that he'll spare the man's life if Superman endorses him for president. Superman refuses, saying that he's never taken sides in public elections. Etrigan, seeing that Superman won't budge, pushes the Man of Steel aside and jumps at the man. Superman stops him, and tells him that, off the record, Etrigan is the worst presidential candidate that he's ever seen. Etrigan punches Superman in the face, but he throws Etrigan out of the bell tower, attempting to get him away from his target.

Etrigan lands in a nearby construction site, and Superman catches up with him. Etrigan tries to hit him again, but he easily blocks Etrigan's attack, and punches the demon again. Etrigan finally loses it, and pounces on the Man of Steel, raining blows on him and screaming that if the people want him to be their president, it's their decision. Superman decides enough is enough, and delivers a hard punch to Etrigan, sending him flying into the sky. He loses momentum just after clearing all the buildings in the city, and plummets back to earth, where he lands in a crumpled heap in front of the Man of Steel. Superman tells him that there's good in everyone, and that when the people see Etrigan evil, they'll stop him just as easily as he did. As he leaves, Etrigan gets up, and resolves to have him killed when he becomes president.

Later, Lois Lane watches the news, which is featuring new information on Etrigan's candidacy. Etrigan has proven to be on the people's side, even going as far as kissing babies at public events and beating up a gang of racists. Lois asks Clark what he's going to do about Etrigan, and he tells her he'll do whatever he can. Meanwhile, on a plane flight, Jason Blood, Glenda, Randu, and Harry discuss Etrigans chances of winning, and what his motives are for running for president. Later, Jason meets with Patty Nonage, who practically throws herself at Jason. She tells him that she knows Jason is Etrigan, but that she still wants to be with Jason. Jason tells her that Etrigan is one of the most dangerous beings on the planet, but she tells him that she can handle herself. Jason releases Etrigan, who tells Patty that they may be able to cut a deal in the future. Etrigan leaps away.

Later, Etrigan arrives at World Headquarters, The Church of the Televangelical Voice, and meets with Reverend Tartuffe. The reverend is suspicious at first, but Etrigan tells him that he wants to be baptized in return for the reverend's support, to which the reverend agrees. Later, live on TV, Etrigan is baptized by Tartuffe in front of a large audience. The baptismal water burns Etrigan's skin, but doesn't harm him. Later, at the Daily Planet, Lois tells Clark that Etrigan gained support from the Organization of Televangelical Churches. Realizing that he can't stay on the sidelines any longer, Clark decides to get involved.

Appearing in "Political Asylum Part 3 of 4 Spin Control"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Assassin (Unnamed)

Other Characters:

  • Patty Nonage
  • Reverend Tartuffe
  • Ted Barton (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Mark Finley (On a TV or computer screen)
  • George H. W. Bush (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Lucifer (Mentioned only)



  • Holy Water



  • There is no letter-col in this issue due to missed deadline.


  • Etrigan is baptised by Rev. Tartuffe. The water causes him great discomfort but no harm.
  • Superman is able to subdue Etrigan in a physical fight, but is vulnerable to his hellfire projection.

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