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"Mission Creep": 2008

Quote1.png Your true allegiance is with the boy. But Wade? I doubt you two even like each other. No matter--you just can't help yourself. It's in your DNA. You always have to be a hero...even if that's what ends up taking you down in flames! Quote2.png

The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #6 is an issue of the series The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2017. It was published on June 7, 2017.

Synopsis for "Mission Creep"

In a secluded valley of the Wyoming badlands, experienced hit-man Max Thrane is receiving a communication from General Eiling - calling for the termination of one Filip Kovic; wanted for war crimes in Kosovo. The US Government is using Thrane as an independent contractor so they are not culpable in Kovic's death.

Captain Atom and General Eiling discuss the situation. Atom knows that Max Thrane had worked for Eiling; as Adam's and Thrane's brain "meshed" when Captain Atom and Ultramax previously battled in the "upper reaches of the quantum field". Eiling admits that this is the truth, and further confesses that he was the client that turned Thrane in.

At Takara Sato's grave, Nathaniel Adam contemplates whether to tell their son Genji that his father is Captain Atom, and not the deadbeat that left his mother. Adam will soon get the chance, as Ultramax has kidnapped Genji with the knowledge obtained when their minds meshed; meaning to trade Genji for General Eiling. Eiling is willing is go - and takes a .45 loaded with U235 bullets. They were originally designed to counter Captain Atom.

They make the exchange and General Eiling hits Ultramax with three Uranium-235 rounds. It's enough to slow him down for a second, enough to evacuate Genji Sato.

Atom returns, protects Eiling in a quantum shield, and confronts Ultramax with a quantum blast. Thrane uses Eiling to force Atom on the defensive, and while shielded Eiling and Adam discuss the General's surveillance of Nathaniel Adam's son, Genji, purportedly as a pawn to better control Adam himself.

As Ultramax drains the shield, Captain Atom throws up a quantum convex shield which focuses Ultramax's power back at him and knocks him out. Genji Sato returns and praises Captain Atom, but given the chance Atom doesn't reveal their relationship. Atom leaves with a comatose Ultramax.

At the Mesaplex, Eiling and Doctor Megala review footage of the previous day's battle, and see Genji Sato exhibit quantum powers. They are excited as this is the second stage of Project Resurgence. Megala, though, secretly passes information to Nathaniel Adam about his son. The surveilance and collection of past data was to control Captain Atom's son Genji, not Atom himself.

In the Satellite, the Justice League watch a news report on Captain Atom as the reporter notes that Captain Atom may soon start "making new friends in some very high places."

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  • U235 is Highly Enriched Uranium, typically called weapons grade. It is fissile, pyrophoric, and has a high density. If Ultramax or Captain Atom were composed of a sufficient density of slow neutrons, an explosive chain reaction could be sustained in a U235 bullet. Iconically, when U235 fissions, it becomes Krypton and 'Barry'-um.

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