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The Flash: 80 Years of the Fastest Man Alive – The Deluxe Edition is a celebration of the 80th anniversary of the superhero "The Flash". It collects his stories throughout various eras, in addition to containing all the pages of Robert Kanigher's unpublished story "Strange Confession!".


"Strange Confession!"


As bank guards put a million dollars in an armored truck whose destination is a bank of the United States Treasury, a money bag is hit by a thorn. The guards notice a piece of paper attached to the thorn and show it to Jay Garrick, who finds that it's a boast from the Thorn about robbing the money. Making an excuse to Joan about not being able to walk her home, Jay changes into his costume and decides to follow the truck.

Later on the guards think the Thorn was bluffing as they reach Keystone Square, but are soon forced to halt by giant thorns and are knocked out by thorn-grenades after they get out of the truck. Thorn however upon opening the door finds that the Flash had sneaked inside without her looking and lays thorns around him to avoid being caught. Vibrating his body however, the speedster catches up to her and she pretends to surrender, only for her to become a thorny cyclone.

After the Flash is hit by the Thorn's cyclone, she transforms back into Rose and states that she regrets she couldn't stop her sister from hurting him in time. Flash tells her she's lucky as she might even attack her, with Rose replying she worries about not knowing when the Thorn might come out in public again. Back in his laboratory, Jay worries about Rose's mental balance being affected due to the stress from the situation with Thorn and thinks he should ask Joan to look after her.

Rose however soon turns up at his lab and claims she is the Thorn herself, having made her up in childhood to find someone else to blame for her faults. She however started believing in her more and more as she grew older, leading her to busy herself in research of plants. In her work, she came across a wild root which allowed her to create a whirlwind and the Thorn soon came out to attack the native hunters with her thorns while spinning. Quickly, Rose lost control of herself and transformed into Thorn despite her resistance.

Jay feels baffled and states to Rose that she's under the delusion of being Thorn and tells Joan to look after her. Later in the evening, Jay is attacked by the Thorn and realizes she is Rose. Thorn has decided to eliminate everyone who knows her secret which include him, Joan and the Flash. After showering him with her thorns and presuming he's dead, she leaves a message with burning thorns on the side of the Grimes Square building, telling him to reach Stony Point in a minute if he wants to save Joan. Jay recovers from her attacks and rushes to save Joan.

At Stony Point, Thorn tells Joan that she had her placed in a contact bomb so the Flash dies as soon as he touches it. She drops her off a cliff as he arrives, but Joan informs him to leave her as the ball she is in is a bomb that'll explode upon contact. Flash decides to create a cyclone before jumping headfirst towards it from the top of the cliff, thus saving her. The exploding bomb however destroys the cliff and Thorn falls into the water, but is rescued by him while having turned back into Rose.

Rose tells Flash and Joan to lock her up to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone again and he decides to contact the Justice Society of America for help. Green Lantern later arrives and tells him that Wonder Woman can heal her on Transformation Island using the Amazonian ways. As Lantern takes Rose away, Jay tells Joan that he hopes to never see Thorn again for Rose's own well-being.


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