"Perfect World": This story is reprinted from The Flash Giant (Volume 2) #1.

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #6 is a chapter in the digital-first series The Flash: Fastest Man Alive (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of May, 2020.

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Synopsis for "Perfect World"

This story is reprinted from The Flash Giant (Volume 2) #1.

While out for breakfast, Barry and Iris learn about the American senators declaring war on Canada, noticing how often they beat their chests and kneel on their knuckles. Flash departs for Washington DC, knowing Gorilla Grodd is behind it and he has to be somewhere near the Capitol Building.

H e figures out that he must be hiding in the Lincoln memorial, but is stopped by mercenaries of Grodd. He traps them by changing the trajectory of their bullets near their own feet and later confronts Grodd, but is overwhelmed by his telepathic powers as well as the people attacking him under Grodd's mind control.

He rushes out and uses his super-speed to suck away the oxygen out of the Lincoln Memorial, allowing him to take down Grodd. The gorilla however tries to offer him visions of a peaceful world in order to fool him, but Flash quickly breaks out of it before putting the device that can dampen cerebral and physical strength on him.

Grodd chides him for letting go of the chance of making the world better, but Barry states he won't do it forcefully and states people would have never looked upon his plan for war on Canada as normal.

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Synopsis for "Rational Thought"

This story is reprinted from The Flash Giant (Volume 2) #2.

As Barry plans to go the Apollo moon landing anniversary, he overhears police chatter about a child trapped among high voltage power lines due to an accident. After rescuing the kid named Ruse, he is stung by static electricity from her hands. Later at the Apollo anniversary, the astronaut who has been invited as a guest claims the moon landing was faked. This puzzles Barry, who decides to talk to the Green Lantern Hal Jordan in order to take pictures of the moon lander.

While running, Barry overhears a bunch of animals talking and is bewildered. He decides to run a lap around the world but instead falls off its edge, being surprised that the Earth is flat and he can breathe in space. Returning to Earth, he questions two fishermen who state that he should have turned back after seeing the great ice wall. Barry realizes that something has happened to him and it may be due to Ruse who had stinged him with electricity earlier.

Back at his CSI lab, Barry finds that he was injected with nanites by Ruse and they start feeding him false information when he runs. Discovering where the signals directing the nanites are coming from, he first decides to get rid of the machines by vibrating through a mountain full of iron ore. Flash then finds and ties up the Trickster who had been the one feeding directions to the nanites, realizing Ruse was just a robot before turning Axel over.


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