"The Pied Piper's Refrain": This story is reprinted from The Flash Giant (Volume 2) #3.

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #7 is a chapter in the digital-first series The Flash: Fastest Man Alive (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of June, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Pied Piper's Refrain"

This story is reprinted from The Flash Giant (Volume 2) #3.

After Flash rescues a bunch of citizens from the chaos caused by rats, he states he knows who's behind it and tries to trace the Pied Piper's location at his CSI lab. The rats however chew out the power cords. He decides to question the Rogues imprisoned in Iron Heights, but no one is cooperative. Captain Cold however accidentally reveals Iron Heights is the only place he didn't infest.

After Barry finds Piper and tells him to stop, the latter uses his flute to attack him but Barry knocks him over by creating a vortex. Piper states that he's looking for a missing girl whose parents contacted him to find and Flash decides to help. Piper uses the rats to find her location after which Barry rescues her. Later, while remembering his father, Barry asks to meet up with Iris as he feels alone.

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Synopsis for "None of the Time in the World"

This story is reprinted from The Flash Giant (Volume 2) #4.

Flash arrives late at the airport for going on a vacation with Linda, causing her to break off their relationship as he is habitually late. Meanwhile at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cathal Cade tries to pilot an experimental flight using the Alcubierre drive that might allow time travel but the warp vortex malfunction causes an explosion in the lab.

Flash rushes to the scene and finds the dead body of Dr. Ilyana Volkov, wife of Cade. He is then attacked by a monster which turns out to be Cade himself and after clearing his head, realizes Cade had become a sort of self-perpetuating nuclear reactor. Flash uses the boron and silver composite control rods to subdue him by generating a magnetic field and takes him in for questioning.

Cade learns about Ilyana death and that he can now travel though time. He asks Flash to allow him to do it to save Ilyana, but he refuses. Cade however regains his powers and goes back in time to kill himself, thus preventing the explosion that killed Ilyana. Barry is unable to tell her what happened and later patches up his relationship with Iris.

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