"Rain on Your Own Parade": This story is reprinted from The Flash Giant (Volume 2) #5.

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive Vol 1 8 (Digital) is a chapter in the digital-first series The Flash: Fastest Man Alive (Volume 1 (Digital)) published in 2020.

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Synopsis for "Rain on Your Own Parade"

This story is reprinted from The Flash Giant (Volume 2) #5.

Barry is uncomfortable with the idea of a Flash parade, telling Iris that it's too much and not what the Flash is about. As Iris states people want to thank their hero, Barry feels the ground heating up and realizes the street is melting. Tar Pit emerges and berates the public for celebrating the Flash who destroyed the Monteleone crime family, claiming they took care of the city. The people of the city however state that the Monteleones harmed their city and Flash was right in taking them down.

As Tar Pit tries to burn the city fir its "ungratefulness", Flash attacks him but his adversary starts melting the street so he can't run. Barry evacuates the people from the street but they refuse to leave, stating they'll stand up to Tar Pit. As some of the people attack Tar Pit with fast food, Barry creates a vortex to harden Tar Pit's body.

Flash thanks the people for helping but states he's uncomfortable of a parade being organized in hus honor as he is only doing his part by helping them. The citizens state that's why they love him, adding he's a guy of their city and works hard just like them. Flash apologizes to Tar Pit after unfreezing him since today reminds him of his family but what he did was wrong. He offers him a chance at redemption by letting him be used as a path on the street he destroyed, so the parade can continue.

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Synopsis for "Cold Case"

Captain Cold is arrested for murders of drug deals who were found frozen to death, but he claims to be innocent. Detective James Dion hails it as a victory for the city's police force as Cold finally slipped up after many years. During a celebration, Dion asks his fellow officer Breen about Barry's whereabouts and is informed he's checking his case.

Dion tells Barry that the case is closed, but the latter doesn't think Cold was behind the murders of the drug deals since the Rogues never deal in drugs and Cold isn't so sloppy. Dion however tells him to let the case go, saying he may have become a forensic investigator since he thought his father was wrongly implicated in his wife's murder, but every case is not about his father.

Barry however decides to investigate and remembers that Clifford DeVoe used to sell knockoff rogue weapons years ago. After arriving at his hideout, he finds that DeVoe has again started selling knockoff Rogue weapons and demands he tell him about they buyer of the knockoff cold gun. After learning what he wanted, Barry goes to Dion's house and asks him to turn himself in, but gets attacked by him.

Barry subdues Dion utilizing his super-speed and turns him in. Some of the other cops however become upset over him sending a cop to prison and letting a criminal out. Cold meets up with him and thanks him for clearing his name, but Barry states that if is arrested one day, it will be for a crime he committed and he'll be there to help apprehend him.


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