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The Flash: Johnny Quick is a 2018 novel by Barry Lyga, a tie-in to the The Flash TV Series. It is a sequel to The Flash: Hocus Pocus.

Synopsis for "The Flash: Johnny Quick"

Appearing in "The Flash: Johnny Quick"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Earthworm (Earth-1) (First appearance)
  • Johnny Quick (Eddie Thawne) (First appearance) (Flashback and main story)
    • Quicklings (Earth-27) (Single appearance)
      • Fred Chyre (Earth-27) (Single appearance)

Other Characters:





  • The story of Team Flash continues on the novel The Flash: The Tornado Twins.
  • In this novel, Cisco Ramon finally discovers that his universe was created as a consequence of Iris West preventing Barry Allen from causing the Flashpoint after meeting his alternate counterpart (the Cisco Ramon from the The Flash TV Series) from the universe where Barry caused the Flashpoint.
    • The main Cisco refers to the novel Cisco's Earth as Earth-1A.
  • Barry Allen adventures into the Multiverse to reach "Earth-2" in order to find the key to defeat Hocus Pocus: in the end, he actually ends up on "Earth-27".
    • During his travel, he also has visions of other worlds, including "Earth-3" and "Earth-38".
    • Although it is not mentioned, it is later revealed in the novel The Flash: The Legends of Forever that these universes are also divergent universes, which were created as a consequence of Barry not causing the Flashpoint, which form a local Multiverse, dubbed as Barryverse, into the main Multiverse.
      • The author Barry Lyga also refers to these universes with an ending "-A" in their name, like Earth-1A.
  • Earth-27A is revealed to be a world, similar to Earth-2, where the good characters of Earth-1A are evil and viceversa.
    • Metahumans are known as hyperhumans in this universe.
    • Barry Allen died as a consequence of being hit by the lightning (which gave him powers in both the main timelines) while Eddie Thawne was able to discover the speed mantra, 3X2(9YZ)4A, that allowed him to harness the energies of HyperHeaven, which is how Quick called the Speed Force, and become the evil speedster, Johnny Quick.
    • All the other members of the Team Flash and Harrison Wells (and his daughter Jesse) are also dead on Earth-27A.
    • The United States of America are divided among five hyperhumans, including Johnny Quick, that formed the evil organization known as the Crime Syndicate of America.
    • Many of Earth-1 villains' counteparts, including James Jesse, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, created a rebel alliance, calling himself the Rogues, in order to fight against Johnny Quick and his henchmen, the Quicklings.


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