"Lightning in a Bottle, Part Three: Night of the Griffin": Bart Allen, wearing a Flash costume, races to S.T.A.R. Labs and saves Valerie Perez from being consumed in a massive fireball caused by a

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Bart Allen

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #3 is an issue of the series The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2006. It was published on August 23, 2006.

Synopsis for "Lightning in a Bottle, Part Three: Night of the Griffin"

Bart Allen, wearing a Flash costume, races to S.T.A.R. Labs and saves Valerie Perez from being consumed in a massive fireball caused by a gas main igniting. He puts out the rest of the flames and leaves, telling Val that he only put the costume on because she was in trouble; he has no plans to take Jay Garrick's place as the Flash.

Later, Bart and Griffin Grey are working out a local gym. Griff tries to impress to some girls by benchpressing 500 pounds. With his newly acquired super strength, he not only benches the weight with no problem, but he ends up flinging the barbell up through roof of the building and outside onto the street, crushing a parked car.

When they return home, Bart finds Griff listening to the police band. Griff talks about his intention to use his new powers to fight crime.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Tina McGee confronts Val about a fact about her past she had just uncovered: Val is the daughter of Flash foe Manfred Mota, a connection which may put her internship in jeopardy. Val insists that she hates her father and has cut off all contact with him and begs that she be allowed to keep her job.

The next day, Bart comes to S.T.A.R. Labs for more tests, and readings that show his connection to the Speed Force are off the charts. Val tells Bart that the explosion at the lab wasn't the first time he had saved her life: he had also rescued her from a race riot at her high school as Kid Flash. They kiss.

Griff shows Bart his new superhero costume and heads off to avert a hostage situtation. A man who had recently lost custody of his son dangles the boy over the edge of the roof of a tall building, claiming he would rather that he be dead than with his ex-wife. Griff arrives on the scene, calling himself the Griffin. However, when he lunges to grab the young hostage, the man drops him. Fortunately, Jay Garrick arrives just in time to catch the boy and stop a bullet that the man had fired at Griff. Jay scolds Griff about his amateurish methods.

The next day, Jay goes to S.T.A.R. Labs and watches footage of Bart putting out the fire in the Flash costume. He calls Bart to say that he is proud, and also mentions that Luke Thatcher had been named as a possible suspect in the bombing. Griff overhears the conversation and formulates a plan.

That night, Griff, in his new costume, goes to Thatcher's apartment and figures out the bomber's next target: a yacht party being held by Keystone Motors CEO William Slout. He phones in a phony lead to the police, claiming that he is Thatcher, and that he will surrender, but only to Jay Garrick.

Meanwhile, Jay, who is at Slout's yacht party with his wife Joan, receives a call from the police requesting his presence and races off. Thatcher speeds towards the yacht in a small craft loaded with explosives as the Griffin looks on.

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