"Lightning in a Bottle, Part Six: Burning Bridges": The Griffin holds Jay Garrick hostage while using a stolen S.T.A.R. Labs device to study Garrick's connection to the Speed Force, hoping to fin

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Synopsis for "Lightning in a Bottle, Part Six: Burning Bridges"

The Griffin holds Jay Garrick hostage while using a stolen S.T.A.R. Labs device to study Garrick's connection to the Speed Force, hoping to find a way to halt his own accelerated aging. Garrick manages to free himself from his shackles, but is promptly taken down by Griffin's blasts of energy.

Meanwhile, the Flash gets information from Tina McGee about the stolen machine's power consumption needs, and with the help of the power company, tracks the Griffin down to an abandoned subway station. He manages to capture his former friend for a few short seconds before the Griffin exhibits a new power, breaking down the metal structure he was bound to and making his getaway. Instead of following him, Bart tends to Jay, whose heart had stopped. However, Bart is able to restart it using the Speed Force.

In Nevada, Manfred Mota explains to his daughter, Valerie Perez, his plans to use technology from Inertia's home era to break down her genes and use them to build a new human body for himself. However, Inertia muses to himself that Mota will not be a part of his own plans.

Bart waits at the hospital with Joan and Tina to hear about Jay's status. Across town, Griffin has devised a plan to get the city to adore him again: he will destroy a bridge connecting Keystone City and Central City, and then promptly save the lives of all those he had just endangered. Bart hears the sound of the bridge collapsing from the hospital and races to the scene. There, he aids Griffin in saving lives until the villain sees him, infuriated that someone else had arrived and stolen his glory. During their battle, Bart reveals to Griffin his true identity. Their battle sends them both falling into the river. Bart pulls Griffin out of the water, and the villain apologizes to his old friend and finally dies.

Bart and Joan visit Jay, who is recovering quickly. Bart reveals that, during his fight with Griffin underwater, the memories of the previous year came racing back to him. He remembers being with Max Mercury, his grandfather Barry, and Wally West on another Earth with that world's Jay Garrick. In an effort to stop Superboy-Prime, they had Bart absorb the Speed Force and head back to Earth.

Upon hearing this, Jay officially passes the mantle of the Flash onto Bart.



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