A Flash of the Lightning is an episode of season 6 of The Flash. It premiered on October 15, 2019.

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  • Helmet of Hermes




  • This episode foreshadows the end of the Multiverse which will happen in Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three.
  • Like Jay Garrick is Earth-3's doppleganger of Barry's father, his wife Joan is Barry's mother counterpart.
  • Jay Garrick's map contains some details from the Multiverse:
    • Earth-1 is marked with The Flash (BA) in reference to the Flash, Barry Allen.
    • Earth-3 is marked with The Flash (JG) in reference to the Flash, Jay Garrick.
    • Earth-10 is referred to be the home of the Freedom Fighters.
    • Earth-13 references the presence of the wizard Wells the Grey.
    • Earth-15's annotation references its destruction in 1986.
    • Earth-19 is is mentioned to be the reality of the Breacher Agency.
    • Earth-18 is mentioned to have great tequila, a presumably reference to its Wild West setting.
    • Earth-30 is marked as a vegan-only reality.
    • Earth-38 is labelled with the names Supergirl and Superman.
    • Earth-51 is marked with Thaddeus Brown as a reference to the master escapist Thaddeus Brown.
    • Earth-51 references the presence of Sherloque Wells, once a member of the Team Flash.
  • Some Earths are referred to as unknown realities. This could be a reference to the New 52's version of the Multiverse which contains some unknown Earths.
  • The map also mentions an antimatter signature that is coming to Earth-2. This foreshadows the destruction of that reality which is shown at the end of the Season 8 premiere of Arrow, Starling City, which aired after this episode.

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