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Quote1 Killing your mother... it's a fixed point. You knew this was gonna happen. And now I'm stuck here in a hell where I get to watch you grow up and become the hero that I should have been! I swear... even if I have to tear the universe apart, I will find a way to destroy you and everyone you love! Because from this moment forward, my life's work will be finding ways to kill you. Quote2
Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne)

A New World, Part One is an episode of season 9 of The Flash. It premiered on May 3, 2023.

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  • Joe West's CCPD Car



  • The subtitle of the episode, which is not part of the episode name, is "Reunions".
  • This episode takes place in November 2023; the events from the past take place on March 18, 2000, one day before the murder of Nora Allen.
  • This episode reveals the real circumstances behind Nora Allen's murder. Many details from past seasons are also included in this episode:
    • Barry, who is revealed to be his 2023 self, and Thawne fighting outside and inside Allen House before Nora's murder which was first shown in "Pilot" and, then, in "Tricksters";
    • Barry's 2023 self preventing his 2014 self from saving his mother (and causing the Flashpoint) which was originally shown in "Fast Enough";
    • Barry rescuing his child self also from "Pilot";
    • Thawne losing his speed and being marooned in the past which was originally shown in "Tricksters";
    • However, Barry's 2016 self causing the Flashpoint and Post-Flashpoint Thawne restoring the timeline are not shown in this episode.


  • Many past events are referenced in this episode, including:
    • Thawne becoming the Flash of his own Future and turning evil after a time-traveling Barry prevented him from saving people which was previousy mentioned in "Armageddon, Part 5";
    • Barry allowing Thawne to murder his mother to prevent the Flashpoint like he previously did in "Flashpoint";
    • Eddie Thawne sacrificing himself to erase Thawne from the continuity in "Fast Enough".
  • Many events from this episode are homages to past events, including:
    • Barry calling himself "Bart" is a reference to the events of "Cause and Effect" where he was called Bart after losing his memory to defeat Savitar;
    • Barry spending time with his parents and allowing Nora's murder is a nod to the events of "Flashpoint";
    • Thawne removing his cowl and asking for Gideon's help after Nora's murder mirrors the epilogue of "Potential Energy" where he did the same after being stuck in 2015;
    • Barry and Thawne drinking at O'Shaughnessy's is a nod to a similar meeting between his Post-Flashpoint counterpart and Sara Lance at Cosic Tavern in Sarajevo, 1914 from the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode, "The Fixed Point";
      • During this conversion, Thawne tells Barry that he wants "to hear it" which mirrors the same words he told Barry about Nora's murder in "Flashpoint";
    • During his conversation with Barry after Nora's murder, Thawne states that "he would even destroy the universe to kill Barry" which is a reference to his original future counterpart causing the original version of the Crisis in 2024 to kill Barry;
    • Nora Allen mentions that Barry resembles his father which she previously said in "Fast Enough";
    • Malcolm Thawne being hit by a Negative Speed Force lightning obviously mirrors Barry being originally hit by the Speed Force lightning in the Arrow episode, "Three Ghosts".
  • The Zatara's restaurant is obviously a nod to the DC characters, Giovanni Zatara and his daughter Zatanna.

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