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Quote1 I know he's a murderer. But how many murderers have we put in prison? How many bad guys have we taken down? Don't we deserve one win? After everything that we've done? Quote2
Barry Allen

Abra Kadabra is an episode of season 3 of The Flash. It premiered on March 28, 2017.

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  • Caitlin mentions the words Hocus Pocus as Gypsy explains Abra Kadabra's history.
    • Although it should be currently unknown to Team Flash, Hocus Pocus is another techno-mage from the 64th Century and a minion of Abra Kadabra. Like his boss, he went back in time and journeyed to an alternate Earth-1 from a local Multiverse that was born as a consequence of Barry Allen never creating the Flashpoint Timeline.[1][2]
  • Clifford DeVoe is mentioned for the first time on The Flash.


  • "Post 55 #EmoCisco" is The Chronicles of Cisco post regarding this episode.[3]
  • Despite Gypsy mentioning that Abra Kadabra is immune to vibes, Abra Kadabra facing Joe West in the S.T.A.R. Labs is actually glimpsed by an alternate Cisco Ramon in The Flash: Johnny Quick novel.
  • Barry mentions Abra Kadabra's family which will be actually glimpsed in "Central City Strong".

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