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Quote1.png Do you remember what we said when we first met during Crisis? We're not quitters. You can change your future, just like you did back then. Quote2.png
Jefferson Pierce

Armageddon, Part 3 is an episode of season 8 of The Flash. It premiered on November 30, 2021.

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  • The Crisis (Mentioned only)


  • Deon Owens reveals the existence of the Negative Still Force, an opposite Force to the Still Force.
    • As the Negative Speed Force allows its conduit to be immune to reality changes unlike the Speed Force conduits, the Negative Still Force allows to rewrite the timeline without any Still Force conduit being aware of the altered events.
  • Jefferson Pierce states he moved to Atlanta along with his family.
    • Barry Allen seeks his help to active the "Injustice Protocols" which are contingency plans that deal with the permanent removal of their powers.
      • Barry's Injustice Protocol involves the disruption of his Speed Force connection.
  • Thanks to Deon's Still Force power boost, Barry travels to the Armaggedon timeline where he discovers the presence of Eobard Thawne.


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