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Armageddon, Part 5 is an episode of season 8 of The Flash. It premiered on December 15, 2021.

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  • Canary Cry (Cameo)
  • Green Arrow's Bow
  • Hōzen (Mentioned only)
  • Particle Eradication Distributor
  • Time Stone


  • Central City Taxi




  • This episode is the fifth and last part of the Armageddon event.
    • Mia Queen's story continues from the Arrow series finale, "Fadeout".
    • This version of Mia Queen hails from 2042 so she has not experienced yet the events of Earth-Prime #6.
  • The undoing of the "Reverse Flashpoint" causes many effects to the timeline:
    • All the Time Remnants of Thawne have been erased from the Timestream. In order to save Thawne from being completely erased, Barry disrupts his connection with the Negative Speed Force removing his powers;
      • The consequences of Barry removing Thawne's powers will be revealed in "Negative, Part Two";
    • Damien Darkh from the Armageddon Timeline is brought back to Earth-Prime. However, he removes himself from the timeline to prevent the death of his daughter's present counterpart.
  • The origin of the Reverse-Flash differ from the ones Thawne mentioned in "The Reverse-Flash Returns" which is another consequence of the Crisis.
  • Despero seems to be erased from existence after Barry disrupts his connection with the Flame of Py'tar.


  • Despero states that Thawne will resurface in the future which is eventually shown in Earth-Prime #6 where it is shown that he'll come back in Nora's Future.
  • Thawne's past history with Barry in the Post-Crisis continuity is very reminiscent of his counterpart's history with Flash from the Post-Flashpoint continuity in the comics.
  • Mia Queen travels back in time from the future to search for his missing brother who was captured in the final moments of the Arrow episode, "Green Arrow & The Canaries".
    • This was to be a part of the plot of the unmade Arrow spinoff, Green Arrow & The Canaries.
  • Chester Runk jokes about using the P.E.D. to create a "Chester P-point" which is another reference to the Flashpoint.

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