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Quote1.png A hero is not just in the name, Barry, or in a red suit. It's the choices we make that decide who and what we become. Quote2.png
Joe West

Armageddon, Part 5 is an episode of season 8 of The Flash. It premiered on December 15, 2021.

Synopsis for "Armageddon, Part 5"

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  • Particle Eradication Distributor
  • Time Stone



  • It is revealed that the timeline erased Thawne from existence in the aftermath of the undoing of the "Reverse Flashpoint".
    • After asking for Barry's help, the hero saves him by disrupting his connection with the Negative Speed Force, seemingly removing his powers.
      • The consequences of Barry removing Thawne's powers will be revealed in "Negative, Part Two".
  • Damien Darkh from the Armageddon Timeline is brought back to Earth-Prime.
    • In order to prevent his daughter's present counterpart from also dying on Earth-Prime, he gives the Time Stone to Joe West as it allowed him to live free in the present time.
  • Despero seems to be erased from existence as Barry disrupts his connection with the Flames of Py'tar.


  • Thawne's past history with Barry is very reminiscent of his Prime Earth counterpart's history from the comics.
  • Mia Queen travels back in time from Star City 2040 to search for his missing brother who was captured in the final moments of the Arrow episode, "Green Arrow & The Canaries".
    • This was to be a part of the plot of the unmade Arrow spinoff, Green Arrow & The Canaries.
  • Chester Runk jokes about using the P.E.D. to create a Chester P-point.

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