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Quote1.png That's it. I know how to stop the cannon. This is what The Monitor meant that day in the Time Vault. This is what I've been running towards all these years. It's time for the Flash to vanish in Crisis. Quote2.png
Barry Allen

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three is an episode of season 6 of The Flash. It premiered on December 10, 2019.

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  • As it was previously foreshadowed by Barry's visions,[1] the Multiverse is destroyed by the antimatter wave which was previously unleashed by the Anti-Monitor's antimatter cannon.
  • After years of teasing, the prophecy of the Flash dying in Crisis is finally fullfilled: as Barry Allen of Earth-1 was ready to die, the older Flash of Earth-90 takes his place and makes the ultimate sacrifice to stop the antimatter cannon, fullfilling his long life as a superhero.
    • Just before he died, Barry remembers a conversation, during his early years as Flash, with her dead wife Tina McGee which was originally seen in the Flash episode, Pilot.
  • Barry Allen of Earth-1, J'onn J'onzz of Earth-38 and Ryan Choi of Earth-1 are revealed to be respectively the Paragon of Love, Paragon of Honor and Paragon of Humanity. After the destruction of the Multiverse, the Paragons are the only known mortal survivors of the Crisis as they were saved by Pariah who sent them to Vanishing Point.
  • As it exists outside of time and space, Vanishing Point survived the annihilation and it's still devastated after Leonard Snart had destroyed the Time Masters' lair and being used as a base by the Legion of Doom.
  • The pattern of naming universes after important years is also followed in this episode:
    • Earth-203's designation is based on 2003 which is the year that Birds of Prey premiered.
  • Although it was never named on-screen, Earth-73 may be the setting of Black Lightning as it was shown to be destroyed just after Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning was saved from the total annihilation of his reality.
    • Unknowing to him, his daughter Jennifer saved herself from death as she was able to escape into a pocket dimension that was created by her powers.[2]
  • Earth-666 is named after the number 666, the so-called Number of the Beast, as a reference to Lucifer's retirement on this Earth.
    • The guest appearance of Lucifer is set sometime in the five-year-gap between him leaving Hell and meeting Chloe Decker.[3]
    • It is revealed that, during his long life as Master of the Dark Arts, Constantine had already met and friended Lucifer who owed him a favor because of a situation regarding Lucifer's friend Mazikeen. During this encounter, Lucifer repays this debt, gifting Constantine a pass to the Purgatory and mocking him, mispronouncing his name to John's annoyance.
    • The Devil makes some jokes about his family as he affirms that Diggle resembles his brother Amenadiel while he accepts to help the trio after understanding Mia Queen's desire to revive his father, a reference to his banishment from Heaven by his father, God.
    • Lucifer is also shown to be aware of the incoming destruction of the Multiverse but never afraid of that. Probably, being the son of God and the Devil himself, like other higher beings[4], was untouched by the destruction of the Multiverse and, later[5], he normally continued his life Post-Crisis.
  • The Spectre is revealed to be a Multiversal higher entity that is able to stand against the Anti-Monitor.
    • It is revealed that its powers can be willingly transferred into another being.
    • As mentioned by Constantine, this iteration of the Spectre, Jim Corrigan is different by the James Corrigan of Earth-1 who was also prophetized to become, in death, an avatar of the entity[6].
    • It could be presumed that all the version of James Corrigan from the Multiverse will become the Spectre on their realities.
  • The Purgatory, as other higher realms like the Fifth Dimension, is untouched by the Crisis. Like shown in previous appearances, it is different for everyone who lives in it: for Oliver Queen, it takes the form of Lian Yu.
  • Watchmen is revealed to be a famous TV Series on Earth-666, like Supergirl. Despite every DC's properties being now part of the larger Multiverse and having an omnipotent, reality-manipulating entity, it is never shown to be an actual Earth.

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