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Elongated Journey into Night is an episode of season 4 of The Flash. It premiered on October 31, 2017.

Synopsis for "Elongated Journey into Night"

Appearing in "Elongated Journey into Night"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Breacher's Blade (First appearance)
  • Cerebral Inhibitor (Mentioned only)
  • Gingold (Cameo)
  • Vibe's Goggles


  • Central City Bus 405 (Flashback only)



  • Barry Allen gives Ralph Dibny the nickname Plastic Man, prompting Dibny to say "that was the dumbest name I've ever heard". Plastic Man is also a hero capable of elasticity, and someone else entirely in the DC universe.
  • In Ralph Dibny's desk, he had a bottle of Gingold, a reference to his comic book origin. Gingold was a soft drink potentially capable of enhancing physical elasticity and was how Dibny received his powers.
  • Mayor Bellows mentioning to be a former cop is a reference to his counterpart from 1990 Flash series that was also a cop and an ally of the Flash.
  • Mrs. Broome is a reference to the late DC writer, John Broome, who created the Elongated Man.

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