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Quote1 I am in awe of the remarkable man that you are becoming... all the things you've achieved, and not just as The Flash, but you, Barry. Your honesty. Your heart. You were always a hero. And your mom would be just as proud. And if she had a say in this, if she thought for one second that you going back to save her would mean you losing what makes you so special, she would never want that. Barry, what I hope for you, maybe the greatest thing that a father can hope for his son is that one day, you will become a father yourself. And then you will know... How much I truly love you. Quote2
Henry Allen

Fast Enough is an episode of season 1 of The Flash. It premiered on May 19, 2015.

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Speed Force as an actual plane of existence inside the Multiverse.
  • The scene of Barry's future self stopping his 2015 self from rescuing his mother is fully explained in "A New World, Part One".
  • One of the Speed Force visions is Barry imprisoned in Iron Heights.
    • Barry will be eventually imprisoned, as a consequence of DeVoe framing him for his murder, but this only happens in the Post-Flashpoint timeline of Earth-1.
    • Although it is not confirmed, this vision could be set on the (now erased) original timeline of Earth-1 or the 2024 Future.
  • Thawne implies that Cisco didn't become Vibe in the original timeline of Earth-1.


  • During his journey into the Speed Force, Barry glimpses many characters and locations, which are unknown as of this episode, including:
    • The Flash Museum from the unnamed Nora's Future;
    • The Legends of Tomorrow, who makes their first cameo in this episode, fighting a giant Robot on Rip Hunter's Future;
    • Killer Frost using her powers on Earth-2.
  • Eobard Thawne mentions for the first time the time traveler, Rip Hunter, who actually hails from an alternate 22nd Century that is also briefly glimpsed by Barry in the Speed Force, and will be first featured in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode, "Pilot, Part 1".

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