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Quote1.png He's a psychic psychopath, causing psychosomatic symptoms, I mean, the guy practically named himself. Quote2.png
Cisco Ramon

Fear Me is an episode of season 7 of The Flash. It premiered on March 30, 2021.

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  • The Crisis


  • It is revealed that Caitlin and Frost are split as a consequence of being hit by Mirror Monarch's powers.
  • Frost is still seen a criminal and there is a warrant for her.
    • As Frost publicly acted as a hero in the last few Seasons, this could be another change made by the Crisis.
  • The Speed Force takes again the human form of Nora Allen.


  • The Speed Force warns Team Flash about the possibility of Fuerza and Psych being like her. It is a reference to the two metahumans being the conduits of the Strength Force and the Sage Force.

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