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Quote1.png Bart knows what Thawne's done to me. The pain that he's caused, so if Godspeed is Bart's Thawne... Then what did he do to Bart? Quote2.png
Barry Allen

Heart of the Matter, Part 1 is an episode of season 7 of The Flash. It premiered on July 13, 2021.

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  • It is ultimately revealed that also Earth-3 was merged into Earth-Prime, along with Earth-1, Earth-38 and Black Lightning's universe, in the aftermath of the reboot of the Multiverse.
    • In the new reality, Jay Garrick is still married to Joan Williams and has always been as speedster; like on the Pre-Crisis timeline, he lost his speed due to his old age but had his powers restored by the Speed Force's rebirth.
  • It is also confirmed that Nora's future was affected by the Crisis changes:
    • Nora was born in 2023 and never had his powers removed by her mother. She and Bart also grew up to be superhero, being mentored by all of their speedster family.
    • Jay Garrick also existed in this reality as a consequence of being introduced into Earth-Prime's history.


  • Barry references having used the neural hypercollider in order to project his mind into the future and see the incoming Crisis which was shown in A Flash of the Lightning.
    • Jay Garrick mentions that it happened last year. As the Crisis happened in 2019, this further suggests that the timeline of Earth-Prime somehow was shifted one year later some time after the end of the Crisis.

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