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Quote1.png According to legends, the warrior Gilgamesh used a gold mask to imprison a powerful demon, or what we might consider today as an ancient psychic meta-human. But with the centuries, the mask has popped up all over the world: the Yoruba Tribe in Africa, 17th-century pirates, all the way up to Hayden. Now, the story goes, if you wear the mask, it doesn't just give you powers. It feeds off of your mind, leaving you insane and leaving the mask in search of a new wearer. A psychic parasite moving from host to host, and now it found a brain that's capable of speed thinking. Quote2.png
Chester P. Runk

Masquerade is an episode of season 7 of The Flash. It premiered on June 15, 2021.

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  • It is revealed that the Medusa Mask is the prison of an unknown entity who has been jumping from an host to another, including the supervillain Roger Hayden aka Psycho Pirate, since the ancient times.
    • According to the legends, the Sumerian hero Gilgamesh banished a demon inside of the mystical item.
    • However, Chester P. Runk states that the "demon" was actually an ancient powerful metahuman.
  • As another effect of the Crisis, Erik Frye is still a metahuman on Earth-Prime while his Pre-Crisis counterpart had his powers stolen by Matthew Kim and gifted to Jaco Birch.
    • As Birch is still referred to as The Hotness, it is presumed that he obtained his pyrokinetic abilities in a different way in the Post-Crisis reality.


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