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Quote1.png And as much as everything inside of me wants to stay and help you fight, in my heart and soul, man, I know I can't put this off any longer Quote2.png
John Diggle

P.O.W. is an episode of season 7 of The Flash. It premiered on July 6, 2021.

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  • This is episode is set some time after the Batwoman episode, Rebirth, as John Diggle references having visited doctors in Gotham City which was shown in that episode.
  • Despite having found the Green Lantern Ring some time after Oliver Queen's funeral as it was shown in the Arrow series finale, Fadeout, it is confirmed that John Diggle has refused its calling: this is giving him strong headeaches and he's been hearing its voice inside his head.
    • By the end of the episode, John states that he is finally ready to deal with it once and for all.
  • As another effect of the Crisis, Nora's future was drastically changed as, unlike in the Pre-Crisis version of the timeline, Barry did not disappear and lived an happy life with his Iris; they also had a second son, Bart, who is also speedster like his older sister.


  • While speaking to John, Barry told him that he knows more than the others the dangers of time traveling, referencing his daughter Sara's erasing from the history of Earth-1 in the aftermath of the Flashpoint.
  • Cecile Horton mentions that the current events are happening in 2021 but it is passed just a few weeks since Mother which was set in May 2020.
    • The only possible in-universe explanation is that the timeline was somehow shifted one year later as a consequence of time travel or the Still Force's time-altering power.

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