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Quote1 And as much as everything inside of me wants to stay and help you fight, in my heart and soul, man, I know I can't put this off any longer Quote2
John Diggle

P.O.W. is an episode of season 7 of The Flash. It premiered on July 6, 2021.

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  • Despite just 40 days have passed since the events of Mother,[1] the current events take place in 2021.
    • Deon's words confirm that there have been alterations to the Timestream due to the Godspeed War and August Heart's original time travel. This suggests that the timeline of Earth-Prime was actually shifted from 2020 to 2021.
  • John Diggle's story continues from the Batwoman episode, "Rebirth", as John Diggle references having visited doctors in Gotham City, and is continued in the Supergirl episode, "Blind Spots".
    • Despite having found the Green Lantern Ring some time after Oliver Queen's funeral,[2] this episode confirms that John Diggle refused its calling which gives him headaches and made him voices that tell him "Worlds await".
    • Although it has never been clearly stated in any episode, these voices belong to the Arrowverse counterparts of the Guardians of the Universe.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Still Force as an actual plane of existence.
  • Chester mentions that Cisco used the Time Trapper's tech to build the Entropic Trap. This is a reference to the Time Trapper, one of the main villains of the Crossover Crisis event from the Barryverse novels, The Flash: Green Arrow's Perfect Shot, The Flash: Supergirl's Sacrifice and The Flash: The Legends of Forever.


  • Barry telling John that "he knows more than others" the dangers of time traveling, is a reference to his daughter Sara having been erased from the history by the Flashpoint in the Pre-Crisis continuity.
  • After hitting a Godspeed clone with the nanites, Diggle repeats "Nanites. Courtesy of Ray Palmer.", Oliver Queen's iconic quote from "Rogue Air".

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