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Pay the Piper is an episode of season 6 of The Flash. It premiered on May 5, 2020.

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  • Pied Piper's reason for hating the Flash is finally revealed: in the new reality, Barry used his lightning bolt to hit him during one of their clashes but harmed his right-hand and lover, Roderick Smith, instead of him. In this episode, Team Flash swears to solve Smith's problem so Pied Pier assisted him in defeating Godspeed, discovering in the clash the way to save Smith.
  • It is revealed the Barry discovered his lightning generation ability earlier than on Earth-1, probably due to a different clash with this reality's Zoom.
    • It can be presumed that Reverse Flash teached Barry this technique when he was training the young superhero to help him return to the future.
  • The new Godspeed's enforcer revealed to the Flash that the real Godspeed is out there, searching a way to steal his speed. This is the same reason that led Zoom to face Barry on Earth-1.
  • Team Flash is planning to recreate the Speed Force but the need of a particular piece for their machine leads Cisco to leave for Atlantis.

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