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Iris West

The Flash Reborn is an episode of season 4 of The Flash. It premiered on October 10, 2017.

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  • S.T.A.R. Labs Van


  • During his imprisonment, the Speed Force gave Barry memories of the future.
    • This is similar to how Team Flash kept track of the headlines in the future in the past season.


  • Barry's lines are quotes from past and future episodes:
    • Nora shouldn't be here will be said by Barry in Nora, referencing Nora-West Allen time traveling back to Earth-1 from her future.
    • Your Honor, I'm innocent. I didn't do this. I didn't kill anyone. are pronounced by Barry in The Trial of the Flash as he was trying to convince Judge Hankerson that he had not murdered DeVoe.
    • Every Hour, Every Minute references a line from Barry's song in Duet.
    • I'm just not sure I'm like you, Oliver are the words Barry told to Oliver Queen in Pilot.

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