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Quote1 Well, that's not really true. Don't you have another family in this room? They need your help, too, Barry. When you need me, I will be here. But right now Central City doesn't need you to be Henry Allen's son, it needs you to be The Flash. My Kid, the superhero. I have to go. I need you to tell me that it's OK. Quote2
Henry Allen

The Man Who Saved Central City is an episode of season 2 of The Flash. It premiered on October 6, 2015.

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  • This episode takes place six months after the events of "Fast Enough".
  • Al Rothstein was previously referred to be dead as a consequence of the S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator Explosion by Eoabrd Thawne/"Harrison Wells" in "Power Outage".
    • It could be possible that he actually died in the original timeline of Earth-1 which may explain why Thawne was sure about his death.


  • Cisco and Barry's conversation about the future is a reference to Thawne's words from the press conference that preceded the Particle Accelerator Explosion in "Pilot".
  • The signal that Barry uses to summon Atom-Smasher is obviously a homage to the Bat-Signal.
  • Weathersby & Stone LLP first appeared in the Arrow episode, "Tremors".

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