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Quote1.png You could gather every genius on every planet, and you still couldn't outthink me. [...] You've done wonders all these years punching gorillas with rudimentary powers, chasing madmen shooting icicles. Those were children with playguns. Savitar, Zoom, Thawne. Their powers are nothing compared to the power of limitless thought. [...] You may be the fastest man alive, Allen. I'm the fastest mind. Quote2.png
Clifford DeVoe

Therefore I Am is an episode of season 4 of The Flash. It premiered on November 22, 2017.

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  • Wally West mentions fighting a giant starfish from outer space, a reference to the alien supervillain Starro.
  • the title of this episode "Therefore I Am" is a relevant title for an episode about the Thinker like this one, mainly due to the quote "I think, therefore I am" by Rene Descartes.

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