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""Blink of An Eye, Finale"": Tomorrow -- Wally sits on the toilet in costume, talking to himself about a phrase Roy Harper told him -- "Don't leave before the miracles happen" -- the meaning of it, while one of his kids beg for him to finish up so they can go.

Quote1 You were wrong, Savitar. The Speed Force didn't choose you. You were just an annoying kidney stone waiting to be passed. And this might hurt your feelings but... the Speed Force chose me. The Flash. The antibody tasked with getting rid of you. Mission accomplished. Quote2
The Flash (Wally West)

The Flash 2021 Annual #1 is an issue of the series The Flash 2021 Annual (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2021. It was published on July 13, 2021.

Synopsis for "Blink of An Eye, Finale"

Tomorrow -- Wally sits on the toilet in costume, talking to himself about a phrase Roy Harper told him -- "Don't leave before the miracles happen" -- the meaning of it, while one of his kids beg for him to finish up so they can go.

Now -- In the Speed Lab, Michael figures that the tachyon pulse they sent into the Speed Force should slow it down just enough for Wally to dislodge whatever's stuck in it. Ollie asks what happens if they don't, Barry saying they'd just simply lose an integral force of nature. Barry asks Wally if he sees what may be lodged in the Speed Force and Wally believes he does. He tries to grab it, only to be sucked in and tossed back towards Sanctuary, where he sees the bodies of those he killed airborne. As he stands there, Wally realizes the truth: he wasn't the one who killed the heroes, it was the Speed Force's bursts.

After recovering, Wally tells the others in the Lab that everyone's in a strange bubble of Speed Force and thinks he can pull them out. They tell him 'no', that doing so would destroy the world. As he tries to figure out what's going on, a voice calls out to him, showing Roy outside the bubble, unaffected. Wally goes to hug Roy in relief, only for the former Titan to see the bodies in the air. Despite Barry telling him that not to, Wally tells Roy that he caused it, or at least the Speed Force responded to him.

In the Speed Lab, Ollie sees Roy and despite Barry and Michael telling him that they can't, Ollie begs them to call someone to save Roy. Barry warns that he tried to and caused the Flashpoint. Even worse, Barry finds out that his Speed Force connection is gone as Michael notices a fluxuation in the Speed Force. In the past, Wally explains what happened and how it lead to where they are now. Despite a lot of it going over Roy's head, he notices the time bubble shrinking. Turning, the two are shocked at who has stepped out -- Savitar, donning a brand new costume and vowing to take revenge on whoever imprisoned him.

Somehow, Savitar has a connection to the Speed Force and is trying to absorb it for himself. Wally races in to stop him, but Savitar easily catches and slams him onto the ground. Roy fires an arrow at Savitar, who catches and and has it explode in his face. When Barry warns Wally of what Savitar is doing, the two former Titans charge him, only to be knocked away. Savitar explains that he hadn't been killed in his last encounter with the Flash, but instead trapped in a dark prison. Somehow, a small spark of the Speed Force found its way to him and he harnessed its power, believing he had been chosen by the power. However, the Speed Force reacted and sent surge after surge to loosen Savitar from its grasp, but failed. However, Wally's interference distracted him, leading to the two of them being deposited in this time frame.

In the Speed Lab, Michael suggests, to stop Savitar, popping the time bubble and having Wally drag Savitar back into the Speed Force and back to the lab. Ollie realizes that they're going to still kill everyone, though Michael points out that if they don't, Savitar drains the Speed Force and dooms the Omniverse. Once again, Ollie begs Wally to save Roy, but he just can't. Barry tells Wally the plan and Roy catches on. Despite Wally's pleas, Roy tells Wally that he can let go of the guilt, that they didn't die because he killed them and that they died because of Savitar's actions. Realizing Ollie is watching, Roy sends out one last message to his former mentor, thanking him for all he's done and telling him that he was the best dad he ever had before firing another arrow into the bubble, sucking the energies, Savitar and Wally's conscience back inside the past Wally. With a final farewell to Lian, the past Wally unleashes the energy, killing everyone.

In the present, the trio in the Lab are suited up and having just witnessed Roy's sacrifice, Ollie grieves. Superman and Batman arrive and Barry quickly informs them of what's going on. Seconds later, Savitar and a naked Wally are spat out, with Savitar focusing on the League. Superman flies in, telling him they don't have to fight, but Savitar is just too fast for him and he's knocked out. Ollie and Michael attempt to fight, but neither they or Batman can stop him. Barry checks on his protege and gives him a Flash Ring, telling him he's the only one to take Savitar out. The villain grabs Barry by the neck and believes he's the one to imprison him. However, a weakened Wally knocks them away, suited up in his classic costume and tells Savitar he understands why the Speed Force chose him and sent him to other places and figures he's also here to stop him. As if to prove a point, the Speed Force strikes Wally with a bolt of lightning. Super-charged, Wally launches himself out of the Lab with Savitar in tow.

Savitar realizes Barry has a raw connection to the Speed Force, but it changes nothing. Wally tells him that he has a three-second head start to start running before he shows him what it means. Savitar takes it and Wally easily catches up to him, striking the villain and severing his connection to the Speed Force. As Wally rejoices in his victory, the Justice League catches up to him, watching as Savitar is seemingly dragged back to his prison. Suddenly, adrenaline of all the action fades out and Wally passes out.

Sometime later, Wally is back on his feet, healthy and whole. Barry explains that they wanted to tell Linda, but decided not to, only for Wally to figure out that Linda figured out everything and now no one wants to answer her. Barry suggests that maybe they can try again with severing Wally's connection again, but Wally rebuffs him, understanding that he can't give up when the going gets touch. When Wally asks if he can go home, Michael says he can, but the charge by the Speed Force is still inside him. They want to run more tests, but Wally declines. Before he leaves, Ollie stops Wally and hugs him, apologizing for his actions.

With everything settled, Wally returns to Linda and the kids with a new sense of hope and redemption.

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  • Wally West's story continues in The Flash #772.
  • This story ultimately reveals that Savitar is responsible for the Sanctuary Massacre.
    • Prior to that, it was previously stated in The Flash #761 that Eobard Thawne had used his "speed whisper" to manipulate Wally West's mind, making him hide the evidence on the other Sanctuary's residents, and pin the blame on Harley Quinn and Booster Gold.
    • This may also be a reality change due to the rebirth of the Multiverse like the existence of Lian Harper, who is briefly mentioned by Roy, that did not exist in the Post-Flashpoint continuity until the Infinite Frontier era.
  • This issue is reprinted in The Flash: Wally West Returns.

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