"Rogues": Hunter Zolomon is recently graduated from the FBI and he is being transferred into the Keystone City Police Department in order to assist Detective Jared Morillo on the Department of Me

Quote1 When uncle Barry... Aunt Iris decided to write about his life, she wanted the world to know who he really was. It wasn't "The Flash" who died in the crisis... it was Barry Allen. When I went public, part of the reason was to make sure he didn't get forgotten. Quote2
Flash (Wally West)

The Flash Secret Files and Origins #3 is an issue of the series The Flash Secret Files and Origins (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2001. It was published on September 12, 2001.

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Synopsis for "Rogues"

Hunter Zolomon is recently graduated from the FBI and he is being transferred into the Keystone City Police Department in order to assist Detective Jared Morillo on the Department of Metahuman Hostility. On his way to the city, Zolomon studies the background profiles of the many criminals that are known as the Rogues and have plagued Keystone City for years.

Upon arriving at the KCPD, Zolomon stumbles upon Officer Chyre, who introduces him to Detective Morillo and to the local hero, The Flash. Without wasting time, they start working on the case of the most recent fugitive from Iron Heights, Murmur. Zolomon provides enough background information on the subject, giving them a clear target where he might strike next. Flash offers everyone to take them to the place, but Zolomon refuses due to his crippled leg.

Flash takes Morillo and Chyre to the radio station which was indeed Murmur's target and they prevent him from killing the radio host. However, Murmur is soon joined by Magenta and Girder, who attack the police officers in order to distract Flash and giving them enough time to escape with help from the Mirror Master.

By the end of the day, Hunter Zolomon starts feeling at home in Keystone and the Rogues have gathered in order to prepare the elimination of Flash. All this happens while a cybernetic entity known as Thinker witnesses the whole events.

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Max Mercury and Bart Allen provide educational facts about time and speed elements.

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Synopsis for "Moments Too Late"

Cameron Chase from the Department of Extranormal Operations contacts Flash and requests a quick interview with him. Wally runs to New York City, where he meets Chase at Central Park. Chase asks him about his decision about going public and then she treats him a hot-dog. After having answered most of her questions, Wally asks the real reason behind the interview and Chase asks him about Gorilla Grodd. Wally warns her about the insane animal and he tells her to stay away from him as possible.

Later that night, some members of the DEO report to Chase that that have already moved Grodd from Africa to America and that they would start their investigation sooner than expected. She tries to warn them about Grodd, but they assure her that everything is under control. Unfortunately, a report from the DEO laboratories arrives and Chase is terrified to learn the truth. She tries to warn her colleagues about Grodd and the virus that he has been developing, but it seems like it is already too late.

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Basic information about several characters.


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