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"Land of the Golden Giants!": Barry Alan and Iris West are invited by Doctor Manners to accompany him on an expedition that will prove that the continents of South America and Africa were once connected. Accompa

The Flash #120 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 1961.

Synopsis for "Land of the Golden Giants!"

Barry Alan and Iris West are invited by Doctor Manners to accompany him on an expedition that will prove that the continents of South America and Africa were once connected. Accompanying them on the expedition are Wally West and the doctor's granddaughter Gail Manners. As Iris, Gail and the doctor wait for Barry and Wally to show up, Barry has Wally meet him at his home. There, Barry reveals to Wally that he is really the Flash, having decided that it was time for Kid Flash to know the true identity of his mentor just in case something should happen during their expedition.

Speeding to the yacht where the others are waiting, Flash and Kid Flash spot an aircraft about to crash in the middle of the city. With their super-speed, the two heroes move all the pedestrians off the street and away from danger. Fortunately for the pilot, his crash is one he can walk away from. Seeing that everyone is all right, the two Flash's speed off and change back into their civilian identities and join Iris and the others on their expedition. As they sail toward South America, Doctor Manners explains to all gathered there what their mission is. At the same time the adults try to get Wally and Gail to keep each other company, however Gail's stand-offish personality makes their interactions chilly at best.

When they arrive in South America, they enter a region that the natives fear called the Valley of the Sleeping Giant. Local legend states that an evil giant lives in a nearby mountain and that it will one day awaken and destroy everything. Dismissed as local superstition, the American travelers venture on. However, they are threatened during a break when they are hit by an earthquake from the mountain which is in actuality a volcano. As the others begin to pick up from the earthquake, Barry and Wally volunteer to go out and find higher ground to check on the status of the active volcano to see if there is any further trouble. In their investigations, they find a giant footprint and decide that they should do some further investigating as Flash and Kid Flash.

Returning to the camp, Barry suggests to the Doctor that they go out and do some scouting. Now with an excuse to leave the camp, the two privately change into Flash and Kid Flash so that they can search for the giant at super-speed. In their hunt, they find a primitive tribesman being attacked by a strange parrot-like creature. Scaring the monstrous bird off, Flash and Kid Flash are led by the primitive to his tribes cave. Although they cannot speak English, Flash notes that the primitive people all keep repeating the same word "Grodon", they soon learn by examining cave paintings that Grodon is really a giant. As they puzzle over the validity of the claims of a giant person, they soon do not have to question if it is real or not when the giant appears and grabs the Flash.

As Kid Flash tries to pummel the giants feet, Flash manages to break free by vibrating out of the giants grasp. The sultans of speed then defeat the giant by tripping him and then tying him up with some of the steel cable that they brought along on their expedition. When they witnessed an unscheduled eclipse, it confirms Flash's theory that somehow, the entire party had been transported back in time to a prehistoric era. They further confirm this when they spot dinosaurs off in the distance. Deciding to use this extraordinary circumstance to their advantage, Flash and Kid Flash speed across the world to learn that Manners' theory is true, that South America and Africa were once connected. As coincidence would have it, they are also at the moment when the two continents are beginning to break apart.

With the primitives threatened by this cataclysm, Flash and Kid Flash help them get to safety, and while the early humans are saved, the giants are all slain in the resulting floods. Realizing that the volcanic eruption in the present caused a unique vibration to send them into the past, Flash and Kid Flash hurry back to the camp, as the resulting vibrations caused by the continent shift has caused everyone to be returned to the present. Changing back into their civilian identities, Barry tells Doctor Manning what had happened, and Manning in turn explains that he found proof that confirms his theory. Developing a picture taken by Iris took of a Lemur, originally only thought to be native of Africa, Manning has the proof he is looking for.

Returning home to America, Barry learns from Iris that Gail has finally started warming up to Wally and the two have now become fast friends.

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