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"Beware the Atomic Grenade!": Barry Allen is treated to a surprise visit from his old friend Anton Previn, a renown Parisian fashion designer. Having come to America with new fashion designs, Anton asks Barry to help put them in safe keeping. More than happy to help,

The Flash #122 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1961.

Synopsis for "Beware the Atomic Grenade!"

Barry Allen is treated to a surprise visit from his old friend Anton Previn, a renown Parisian fashion designer. Having come to America with new fashion designs, Anton asks Barry to help put them in safe keeping. More than happy to help, Barry stores them in a safe in his lab at police headquarters and the two leave to catch up on old times.

When telling Anton about his relationship with Iris West, Barry takes Anton to meet her at her office at the Picture News. There, Iris tells Barry about reports of a new costumed criminal known as the Top that pulled a fantastic bank robbery using gimmicked tops. Realizing that he has to face this menace as the Flash, Barry leaves Anton with Iris. When Iris realizes that it is Anton Previn, she practically forgets that Barry is not there. When Iris confides in Anton that she wishes that Barry would pay more romantic attention to her, Anton agrees to give her a make-over that will make Barry really notice her.

Meanwhile, Barry has changed into the Flash and began his search for the Top. After patrolling the city, Flash overhears reports of an armored car robbery in progress and rushes there to investigate. Here, he has his first encounter with the Top, just as the crook has knocked out the police officers with a gas-filled top. When the Flash attempts to apprehend the Top, he is shocked to find that the Top also has spinning powers that trip up the Fastest Man Alive, and allows the Top to make his escape.

The Top, really Roscoe Dillon, returns to his hideout to count his loot he also recounts how he had gone from petty crook to costumed super-criminal: he recalls his childhood infatuation with tops and how when he spent some time in jail, he decided to learn the science of his obsession. Mastering all knowledge of tops, the man who would become the Top would teach himself to spin with top-like efficiency and devised his costumed identity of the Top. His recollection over and his confidence in being able to commit crimes confirmed the Top makes a bold next step in his career as a criminal: Appearing on national television, the Top demands that he be named ruler of the world, or else he will destroy half the planet.

Hearing the Top's outlandish boasts, the Flash scours Central City trying to find his new foe. Tracking the transmission back to the Top's hideout, the Flash sees first hand how the Top intends to carry out his threats: With a gigantic atomic hand grenade. The Top explains that when the grenade stops spinning in 10 hours time, it will explode, destroying half the planet with it. The Flash, however, manages to stop it by running around the device in the opposite direction, creating a vortex that shoots the grenade out into space where it will explode harmlessly.

Then, racing to the other side of the world, the Flash manages to capture the Top, despite the criminal's attempt to drill through the Earth in order to escape. Later, back in his civilian guise of Barry Allen, the Flash is confronted by the made over Iris West. Barry is so taken by her beauty he is speechless, to which Iris takes as lack of interest. Later after Anton has left and Iris has gone back to her usual appearance the two lovers realize that Iris looks best the way she is.

Appearing in "Beware the Atomic Grenade!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Top (First appearance) (Origin)



  • The Top's Atomic Grenade (Single appearance)

Synopsis for "The Face Behind the Mask!"

The youths of Blue Valley are abuzz over the coming of Silver Mask the latest teen musical sensation that hides his true face behind a silver face mask. During the performance, Silver Mask gets rushed by a crowd of his loyal fans prompting young Wally West to pull Silver Mask out of the situation as Kid Flash. Taking the singing sensation back to his dressing room, the two learn that they are mutual fans of one another's work. Just then, Silver Mask's manager Harry enters to the room to talk business and Kid Flash departs agreeing to meet Silver Mask again. Upon his departure, Kid Flash suspects that Silver Mask is somehow afraid of his own manager.

As it turns out, Silver Mask is, in reality, Eddie Farrell; the former leader of a gang of crooks known as the Zulu Kings. Abandoning his criminal past, he became the musician Silver Mask until his old life caught up with him, and Harry -- a member of the Zulu Kings -- would replace Eddie's manager and force him to keep quiet about their past criminal endeavors. When Eddie attempts to go to the police and confess his crimes, Harry is there to make sure Eddie does not by threatening his life.

That night, during the Silver Mask concert, Wally West is in attendance and notices that Silver Mask's songs have key words that spell out his current plight. Realizing that it is a secret message sent out to Kid Flash, Wally changes into his hero identity and comes to Silver Mask's rescue. Kid Flash races to the home of Mrs. Wright, a wealthy Blue Valley resident who is expecting a private Silver Mask performance, but in reality is about to become a victim of the Zulu Kings. Kid Flash arrives however and easily takes out the crooks, foiling their plot to rob Mrs. Wright and prevent Silver Mask from becoming an accomplice in a crime he did not want to participate in. In the end, Silver Mask reveals his criminal past to the public, however he still enjoys his celebrity status -- it being untarnished due to this revelation. Eddie considers giving up wearing the mask but decides to continue to wear it during his on-stage performances as it has become his trademark.

Appearing in "The Face Behind the Mask!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Eddie Farrell aka "Silver Mask" (Single appearance)


  • The Zulu Kings (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Bob West (Cameo)
  • Mrs. Carter Wright (Single appearance)
  • Harry (a blackmailer) (Single appearance)
  • Mary West (Cameo)



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