"Secret of the Three Super-Weapons!": While on a holiday from school, Wally West rushes out of the house and changes into Kid Flash in order to try to solve a mystery he stumbled upon recently. He has found that by running at super-speed he's been picking up pieces of some kind of telepathic mes

The Flash #135 is an issue of the series The Flash (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1963.

Appearing in "Secret of the Three Super-Weapons!"

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  • three Makrydian super weapons: (Destroyed)
    • super-power induction device
    • ultra-paralysis machine
    • super-scanner ray
  • Makrydian denigration rifles
  • Korydonian inter-dimensional letter dispatcher

Synopsis for "Secret of the Three Super-Weapons!"

While on a holiday from school, Wally West rushes out of the house and changes into Kid Flash in order to try to solve a mystery he stumbled upon recently. He has found that by running at super-speed he's been picking up pieces of some kind of telepathic message. By attaining a certain vibrational frequency, Kid Flash manages to get a clear connection the image of a woman materialized before him. The woman calls herself Ryla, and explains she comes from the dimensional realm of Korydon in the 16th Dimension. Opening his mind to her, she shows her images of her people's mortal enemies the warlike Makryds who plan on conquering his world. She tells that her people invented three super-weapons to help them stave off the Makryd invasion however the items were transported to Earth's dimension but were lost to them. She asks Kid Flash for his assistance in recovering the weapons so that her people can defend themselves against the Makryds.

Finding such an undertaking too much for he himself to tackle on his own, Kid Flash decides to seek out the help of his mentor the Flash and races off to Central City. There he overhears a radio report about how scientists have uncovered a mysterious super-scientific device and have asked the Flash to research it and try to determine its origin and function. Realizing that this must be one of the items that Ryla has charged Kid Flash with finding, Kid Flash races off to the special laboratory that has been setup for the Flash.

At the lab, the Flash is tinkering with the device when it suddenly charges him with a strange electrical energy. When Kid Flash rushes into the room, a bolt suddenly fires out from Flash's body that envelopes Kid Flash and changes his costume into a totally different design. After pondering the strange situation, Flash explains that he was coming up with a costume redesign for Kid Flash's uniform to avoid confusion between the two and deduces that the device endowed him with a temporary mind-over-matter ability, making his thoughts of Kid Flash's new costume a reality. Kid Flash then explains to Flash his meeting with Ryla and how this is one of devices that she is seeking out to save the Earth from the Makryds. Flash agrees to help Kid Flash find the remaining two weapons and the duo race around the world to find them.

Flash finds one of the items in Northern Europe, while Kid Flash finds the other in South America. Taking them back to Central City, they learn that one device is an ultra-paralysis machine and the other a super-scanner ray. Deciding to try out the super-scanner, the Flash learns that the Makryds have just learned of their success in recovering the weapons, and fire an energy bolt across the dimensions that destroys the three weapons. Undaunted by this turn of events, the Flash sends Kid Flash to gain access to Ryla's dimension and collect replacement weapons, while he goes off and warns the world of the impending invasion.

Kid Flash returns to the glade in Blue Valley where he first established contact with Ryla. However, this time instead of contacting her directly he finds himself transported to her dimension. There he finds the city of Korydon and finds that the Makryds have invaded and taken it over, and that Ryla is a prisoner. When Kid Flash attempts to rescue her, Makrydian soldiers attempt to stop him with their denigration rifles. Kid Flash makes short work of them. Freeing Ryla and her allies, Kid Flash agrees to accompany them to the Makryds' weapon depot on Korydon to secure more super-weapons, then to stop the invasion of Earth. Using his super-speed to get himself and Ryla past the base's defenses, they secure additional super-weapons and transport them to Earth, this time with Ryla and Kid Flash following them to make sure they don't get lost a second time.

While on Earth, the Makryds sends their invasion fleet though the dimensional barrier and are met with opposition from the Flash and the US Military. Despite the best efforts of both, the Makryds superior technology prevails; both Flash and the military are immobilized. Kid Flash and Ryla arrive soon after with the super-weapons and with the combined power of said weapons and the super speeds of both Flash and Kid Flash, the Makryd invasion is easily stopped. With the invasion quelled, the United Nations allows Ryla to take the captured Makryds to stand trial in her native dimension. Before departing, Ryla thanks Kid Flash for all his help and leaves him a goodbye present. That night, back home in Blue Valley and in his civilian guise, Wally uses the gift, an inter-dimensional letter dispatcher, muses how he's probably the only boy in the world that has a pen pal from another dimension.



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